9 Surprising Ways To Make Sex More Interesting

Whether you're in a longterm relationship or you just have trouble expanding your horizons past your go-to moves, there are ways to make sex more interesting. Even if you love routine, sometimes the greatest things in the world can get a little boring after a while — and yes, that includes sex. But, good news: there are things you can do to revive it and products that can help the process along.

According to certified sex therapist Vanessa Marin, having a "beginner's mind" can make a huge difference when it comes to enhancing your sex life. "Approach sex like there’s always something new to learn and try, because it’s true!" Marin tells Bustle. That means staying playful, suggesting new things, and being able to laugh when things don't go quite as planned. Of course, you're more than allowed to reject something when you're not feeling comfortable, but keep the lines of communication open — let your partner know that you're not interested, and then go forth in your search to find something that will give pleasure to both of you.

If you're looking for new and innovative ideas to spice things up in the bedroom, check out these surprising products that can help.


Incorporate More Of Your Senses

Destiny Candle Serendipity Massage Candle, $15, Amazon

The Serendipity massage candle has a coconut vanilla scent that immediately transforms the mood in the bedroom, but that's not all. As it heats up, it produces a warm liquid massage oil made from coconut and jojoba oil. It's soft and moisturizing on your skin, and each candle comes with a hidden ring inside, too.


Use Air Instead Of Vibes

Satisfyer Pro Penguin, $39, Amazon

Vibrations can be wonderful, but if you're looking for new and innovative sensations, try the Satisfyer Pro Penguin. It's a waterproof and USB-rechargeable toy that uses airflow to create stimulation via sucking. It's great for clitoral or nipple stimulation, and it has 11 different programs to create some of the most intense orgasms you've ever had.


Play Around With Temperature

JO H20 Lubricant Cooling, $16, Amazon

A little temperature stimulation can go a long way. This Climax Burst cooling lubricant is condom compatible and is made of palm oil-based glycerin and cooling ingredients to give your skin a tingly, icy feeling during sex. It's water-based, too, and reviewers love that it isn't too sticky.


Switch Up The Dominance In The Bedroom

PikiBond Bondage Restraints System, $30, Amazon

There are tons of benefits to practicing bondage, including stronger bonds and more satisfying sex lives. People are absolutely loving this PikiBond Bondage Restraints System, which has lots of great reviews because of its simultaneous durability and comfort. It fits under your mattress and has adjustable wrist and ankle cuffs to fit any person. The fabric is strong, yet luxuriously soft, and it even comes with a silky smooth eye mask.


Encourage Playfulness With A New Game

LustCraveXY Game Set, $8, Amazon

If you and your partner tend to fall into a sexual routine, encourage playfulness with a board game. This LustCraveXY game set comes with ten different dice (featuring sexual positions, body parts, actions, rooms of the house, and more). It also has instructions, an e-book, and a YouTube playlist that you can use to encourage foreplay, venture out of your comfort zones, and add more excitement into the bedroom. "This was the key that we needed for our relationship," says one reviewer.


Try New Positions Using Innovative Tools

Utimi Sex Swing, $18, Amazon

The Umi Sex Swing encourages flexibility, comfort, and new positions with its durable and innovative design. It fits around one partner's shoulders and the other's thighs to achieve new angles and intriguing positions, and it's designed with handles and pads for comfort and adjustable straps for balance and sizing. "It's not uncomfortable in the slightest and is beneficial for all couples," says one reviewer. "A must for enhancement, control and better leverage for both him/her and you. I've also used it to keep my legs up and wide for deeper penetration and less strain on my own legs, allowing a free hand too roam wherever it may roam."


Use Toys To Hit New Pleasure Spots

PALOQUETH Vibrating Prostate Massager, $27, Amazon

As long as your partner's on board, prostate-assisted orgasms can be incredible. This PALOQUETH massager is specifically designed to stimulate the prostate with its curved shape, dual motors, and L design. It's also remote controlled, recharges with a USB, and is completely waterproof for easy cleaning. "I bought this to try with my boyfriend in an effort to diversify our bedroom activities," says one reviewer. "I would say that he rather enjoyed my efforts."


Combine Bondage And Roleplay

Fifty Days Of Play Game, $12, Amazon

If you're looking to get into bondage, but aren't quite sure how to break the ice, try the Fifty Days Of Play game. It uses die and color-coded envelopes with scenarios and suggestions to encourage role play, switch up dominant and submissive roles, and expand your sexual horizons. The cards are broken up into different levels, and reviewers are saying things like, "We had a blast! We would pick a new card every day until we finished the game, it was a lot of fun. Some of the cards were challenging but they were also the most fun when we pulled them off."


Stimulate The Penis With A Textured Toy

Tenga 3D Zen Sleeve, $25, Amazon

While most couples toys stimulate the G-spot or clitoris, the Tenga 3D Zen sleeve creates stimulation for the penis using an intertwining ribbed texture. It's waterproof, reusable, sleek-looking, and creates a sensation like no other. "This thing is insane!" one reviewer says. "That's all there is to say! Thanks Tenga."

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