9 Hacks That Can Help Your Hair Grow Faster

by Isadora Baum, CHC

If you're looking to grow those locks out, a few diet and lifestyle tweaks can surely help. In fact, a lot of how healthy you lead your life can make or break the strength and glow of your hair. By using weird hacks to grow your hair, you can make your hair have a healthier texture and feel and grow at a healthy pace. When hair gets too dry, brittle, or thin at the ends, it means you're not in your best health possible, and environmental conditions could be causing damage, as well.

As a certified health coach, I work with clients on bettering the appearance and thickness of their hair, as it not only can boost confidence and look great, but it also depicts how well you're doing in others areas of life, such as in dealing with stress, getting enough nutrients, and maintaining proper hygiene and self-care. If you notice your hair starting to look unhealthy and sparse, it could mean you need to look into your lifestyle habits and figure out ways to improve those strands on your head. Here are 9 weird hacks that can actually help your hair grow faster, so you can whip that hair back and forth and feel glamorous.

1. Blow Dry In The Morning

Turns out, less is more when it comes to heat, and if you blow dry your hair right after washing (a few times a week), you could damage those ends. "For smoother hair, you can comb it out really well after washing and conditioning and put it in a tight ponytail or a knot, to leave it until it dries," says Danielle Pfeifer, at Julien Farel Restore Salon & Spa, in NYC, over email with Bustle. "Best to blow dry hair the morning after you've slept on clean hair to regulate heat," Pfeirer adds.

2. Take Biotin

Here's reason to take a supplement. Biotin can help strengthen hair and facilitate growth, says Pfeifer. You can always get it in food, too. For instance, eggs, almonds, nuts, legumes, whole grains, milk, and lean protein, like meat, Pfeifer adds. Be sure to add these foods to meals, regularly.

3. Use Coconut Oil

"One of the most beneficial things I have discovered for hair is coconut oil! I use it on my hair when it looks frizzy on the ends, and I like put it in while I sleep to let the hair absorb it and help strengthen and soften it," Pfeifer says. What's more, when locks are moist and soft, it can prevent brittleness and breakage, so hair will keep growing and be healthier.

4. Get Regular Trims

No need to get tons of hair cuts exactly, but getting trims on a consistent basis can help hair grow and stay soft to the touch, says Pfeifer. The act of snipping away at the dead ends can help boost rejuvenation of the strands and help hair grow longer, faster, Pfeifer explains.

5. Use Aloe Vera In Hair

By letting aloe vera seep in hair for a few minutes, before washing out, it'll enhance growth. "Aloe vera is used as a common home remedy for hair loss and hair growth," say wellness experts at CureJoy over email with Bustle. Aloe vera may also reduce itching, as its alkalizing property improves the hair's pH levels to promote hair growth, the experts add.

6. Get Oil Treatments

Again, this could be coconut, or it could be argan or moroccan oil, too. "Oil treatments not only improve the shininess and silkiness of hair, but the oil locks in moisture to fare against the sun’s damaging and drying rays," says stylist Diana Gallegos over email with Bustle. "Next time you know you’re going to be outside for an extended period, prep your hair with a 45-minute treatment to protect your hair from the elements," Gallegos adds.

7. Wear A Hat

Sun can damage ends and strands, causing hair to thin and fall out and the ends to get brittle and tough, says Gallegos. By wearing a hat, you're keeping your hair protected, and it'll help it grow naturally and stay healthy. "Sitting under a shaded tree or large umbrella works too. Just limit your exposure to the sun as much as possible and you'll see your hair grow at a healthy pace," Gallegos says.

8. Drink Bone Broth

"Marrow is the basis of all our cells in both eastern and western medicine. I have seen incredible hair growth from patients using hair bone broth long term for hair growth, as bone broth builds the kidneys, and the kidneys in Chinese Medicine govern the hair on the head," explains Dr. Elizabeth Trattner over email with Bustle.

9. Eat High Calcium Foods

Eating foods that are rich in both biotin and calcium, as a dynamic duo, can help boost hair growth. "Both eggs are goats milk are incredibly versatile, nutrient-rich, and can be enjoyed with any meal or snack," For those that cannot consume dairy, goats milk is very similar nutritionally - add it into a green smoothie or enjoy it plain," says Susan Stalte, RD, LDN over email with Bustle. "As for eggs, never toss the yolk as that's where most of the healthy fats and nutrients hide," Stalte adds.

By doing some of these odd hacks, you'll easily be able to increase hair growth and make your hair beautiful, strong, and soft to touch. Which is what all of us ladies want, right?