9 Underrated Movies & Shows Starring 2019 Oscar Nominees Streaming Now

by Rachel Simon

Awards season is finally coming to an end, with the Oscars — the biggest and final show of the year — taking place on Sunday, Feb. 22. While it's not yet known, of course, who will take home trophies during the ceremony, it's bound to be an exciting night. For one thing, so many incredible actors are up for awards, from Glenn Close to Regina King to Rami Malek. If you're obsessed with these talented stars and are craving more great performances from them, you're in luck: Bustle's entertainment editors have rounded up nine underrated movies and shows starring 2019 Oscar nominees that are streaming right now.

The list below contains some truly great films and TV shows, ranging in genre from dark comedies to sci-fi thrillers. What they all have in common, though, are amazing performances by actors up for Oscar nominations this year. So if you're seriously impressed by the caliber of acting you saw in movies like The Favourite and If Beale Street Could Talk and want to experience even more from their leading stars, check out the films and shows below. There's a reason these actors are up for Oscars, you guys — they're that good.

'The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou'

Streaming On: Amazon Prime

"After the success of Rushmore and The Royal Tenenbaums, the lackluster reception to Wes Anderson's The Life Aquatic in 2004 paled in comparison. But it's always been my favorite Wes Anderson movie for the unabashed darkness that cuts through Anderson's signature twee aesthetic. It's a movie about depression and loss on the high seas, but its fleeting comedic moments come from none other than Oscar nominee Willem Dafoe as Klaus, the hapless try-hard desperate to be a part of Zissou's inner circle. I'll always chuckle at how he gets validation from being told he may be on the B-squad, but he's the B-squad leader. Hopefully come Sunday night he's more than that, too."

— Samantha Rollins, TV Editor

'Easy A'

Streaming On: Amazon Prime

"Emma Stone is nominated for The Favourite at the Oscars this year, but my favorite Emma Stone movie would have to be Easy A. It's a modern spin on the classic book we all had to read in high school: The Scarlet Letter. It's smart, laugh-out-loud funny, and a must-watch. Besides Stone, the cast includes other great people — Penn Badgley, Amanda Bynes, Lisa Kudrow, and Stanley Tucci, to name a few. And as a bonus, there are also a few cameos of stars from beloved childhood shows (Lalaine from Lizzie McGuire and Aly Michalka from Phil of the Future)."

— Jamie Primeau, Celebrity Editor


Streaming On: Hulu

"Starring the always fantastic Amy Adams (nominated this year for Vice), the sci-fi movie Arrival was one of the best films of 2016. It's a thought-provoking, emotional look at human connection that's truly unlike anything else out there. If you missed it in theaters, see it now — you absolutely won't regret it."

— Rachel Simon, Entertainment News Editor


Streaming On: Netflix

"Maniac is essentially an actor’s playground, trailing Emma Stone and Jonah Hill through a kaleidoscope of characters, dreamscapes, and eras. They star as two strangers drawn to an experimental drug trial as a means to erase their own respective traumas, and it’s their emotional magnetism that anchors each increasingly bizarre fantasy. Having tackled everything from a showy musical (La La Land) to a dark, comedic art film (The Favourite), Stone has already proved her range, but seeing it displayed in one 10-hour tour de force is dazzling."

— Dana Getz, Associate TV Editor

'This Is Where I Leave You'

Streaming On: iTunes, Google Play, YouTube and Vudu

"Best Supporting Actor nominee Adam Driver plays Phillip, the youngest of four adult siblings sitting shiva after their father's death, in 2014's This Is Where I Leave You. And the cast of the dramedy is otherwise stacked, Tina Fey, Jason Bateman, Jane Fonda, Rose Byrne, Corey Stoll, Kathryn Hahn and Connie Britton (as Phillip's older girlfriend) included. As it is wont to do at any family gathering, all the drama and secrets come kicking towards the surface. And if you loved him as Adam in Girls, you'll get a kick out of this Driver performance too, as Phillip leans hard into his role as the charmingly irresponsible one of the brood."

— Sage Young, Movies Editor

'Seven Seconds'

Streaming On: Netflix

"Seven Seconds is yet another project where Regina King absolutely steals the show. The show was canceled after one season, but tells the story of the hit-and-run of a black teenage boy and soon-to-follow coverup by some of the police force involved in the crime."

— Allison Piwowarski, Deputy Entertainment Editor


Streaming On: Amazon Prime

"When this psychological thriller premiered more than a decade ago on FX, it was a critical, if not always popular, success throughout most of its five season run. Glenn Close won both Emmys and Golden Globes for her performance as the powerful and manipulative Patty Hewes in Season 1, 2, and 5, but I feel like we don't talk about how wild and wonderful this show was enough. While the premise is essentially legal thriller, it's mostly about a twisted relationship and will seriously make you rethink needing a mentor in your career. But mostly, it should just convince anyone out there that Glenn Close deserves all the awards, all the time."

— Karen Fratti, Associate TV Editor

'Larry Crowne'

Streaming On: Netflix

"Before Rami Malek broke out on Mr. Robot, but after he appeared as Andy on one episode of Gilmore Girls, he played Steve Dibiasi in Larry Crowne, a little-seen rom-com starring Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts. Malek's role in the 2011 film is small, but he's a key member of the ensemble that works incredibly well together, and he provides a lot of the laughs. He plays a student in a community college class who's an endearingly dumb, comic relief character with a cute face and a sweet smile. And if that's not enough to convince you to watch Larry Crowne, well, then you should also know that it's actually a really sweet movie, perfect to relaxing after a long day's work."

— Olivia Truffaut-Wong, Associate Entertainment Editor


Streaming On: Amazon Prime

"This 1992 musical about newsboys starring Christian Bale was originally a major flop, but it has since become a beloved '90s movie. Check out Bale singing and dancing in one of his early roles -- way before he took on his Oscar-nominated role as Dick Cheney in Vice this year."

— Mallory Carra, Associate Entertainment Editor