9 Unexpected Ways To Clear Negative Energy From Your Life That Actually Work

Mario Tama/Getty Images News/Getty Images

When your life gets clouded with negative energy, it can be hard to see through it. It can feel like there's an all-encompassing fog that's never going to clear. But there are unexpected ways to clear negative energy in your life that actually work. Getting rid of the bad vibes in your life is not just an elimination process. Once you've removed the things that don't serve you, you have to rebuild your foundation so that you're a good conductor for positive energy, and so that you don't end up catching that negative energy again when it threatens to boomerang back into your life.

We all go through periods in our lives where the bad outweighs the good, but the key to finding the balance again is finding a hack that works for you. You have to find a method or practice or ritual that helps you put things into perspective. Negative energy can come in the form of people, work stress, or even from within. We all have the ability see things though dim or rose lenses. Here are some practices that you can incorporate into your life when negativity seeps in — they'll help you get back to that positive place you thrive in.

Get Some Plants

Plant therapy is a real thing. Having living plants around you can help to increase mood and add fresh energy to a space. By nature, plants help to purify the air around them, so think about what they can do for energy; they basically use it up and turn it into something good.

Burn Sage

People have been burning sage for centuries as a way to banish negative energy — so there's clearly something to it. As the scent of sage smoke takes over your living space, the prominent smell will give you a very visceral reminder that whatever was there before is now overpowered by a new, positive intention.

Take A Neutralizing Bath

Adding baking soda and soaking salts to your bath is a great way to neutralize the environment on you skin — literally. The soda and salt combination will reduce inflammation and help restore a healthy pH. These methods are also super helpful in neutralizing yourself mentally. Take a soda and salt soak when you need to reset your vibe.

Listen To Frequency-Specific Music

Music with a 417Hz has been associated with transforming negative energy into positive energy. Listening to sounds at this frequency calms the mind and produces feel-good sensations. If you're sensitive to music, this technique is certainly worth a try.

Watch A Funny Movie

Laughing breaks up the tension internally by releasing endorphins and also breaks up the energy around you by creating waves in the air. When you're feeling overwhelmed with negative feelings, watch a movie that will make you laugh. Filling your body with feel-good hormones will help you to feel motivated to get rid of negative factors in your life.

Open All Of The Windows

Letting fresh air and sunlight into the room can help to move stagnant energy, change the charge of dull energy, and increase circulation in the room. The sensation of moving air is really helpful when trying to inspire your mind to move on from negative triggers, too.

Get A Black Tourmaline Crystal

Tourmaline Crystals are believed to be great absorbents of bad energy. Put one on your windowsill and let it collect all of the negativity in your house or carry it with you in your pocket and envision all of the darkness around you dispersing and collecting in the crystal.

Burn It

Write down all of the behaviors that aren't serving you on a piece of paper and carefully and safely burn the piece of paper. Scoop up the ashes when they're cool and put them in a jar or plastic baggy to dispose of.


Instead of hiding from the negativity that's plaguing you, face it head on. Devote some time to thinking about the negative things in your life and imagine each of those things slipping into a bubble. Pop the bubble with your finger in your mind and let those things go away. Focus on making room for positivity by envisioning what you see as positive.