9 Ways Reading Is Good For Your Mental Health

I know what you’re thinking: you really don’t need another good excuse for adding more books to those already over-stacked shelves of yours. But let’s just imagine you did — the fact that reading is good for your mental health is definitely an excuse worthy of a trip to your favorite indie. And there are even facts (the scientifically proven kind) to back it up.

Since before I even learned to read myself, the habit has been essential to my own mental health and overall well-being. From the bedtime story routine that my mother shared with me, to the books I picked up on my own later in life — to inspire, to entertain, and to guide me through a handful of especially challenging times, reading has always been my go-to for de-stressing, gaining perspective, and learning a thing or two I’d never known before. And the health benefits of reading don’t stop there; I’ve put together a whole list of them for you below.

Looking for a great excuse to read even more than you already do? Then explore these nine ways reading is good for your mental health — and then give the bookworm in you a little pat on the back (and maybe an impromptu trip to your favorite bookstore — doctor’s orders.)