9 Wedding Gift Ideas For The Fancy Couple Who Has It All

Volodymyr Tverdokhlib/Shutterstock

We all know that couple. You know, the couple who indulge in only the very best of everything, from whirlwind vacations to gold-plated silverware. And of course, when they get married the affair is no different. Whether it's a destination wedding in Bali or a traditional event in an ancient cathedral, it's bound to be a fancy shindig. But where does that leave you when it comes time to find them a fitting wedding gift?

Chances are a simple china set isn't what they have their hearts set on, and a run-of-the mill coffeemaker might be a little too common for their taste. You're going to have to get creative for this couple. Are they always talking about their favorite meals from their last trip to Europe? Look at elevated European-inspired cookware. It'll be an upgrade to their everyday meal prep and inspire them to try that recipe they loved so much. Want to get them something a little cozier for the home? Skip the classic sheet set and opt for a cotton and alpaca wool blend throw — so luxurious.

Ultimately, it's about finding luxury gifts that can add to their already full lives. And don't worry, these kinds of gifts don't always have to cost a ton — they can feel luxe but still be totally affordable. Remember, your goal as a friend is to cheer them on and give them something memorable to help them build their life together in the most special way.

Pasta Maker

Crate & Barrel

Transport them to Italy without splurging on plane tickets. Gift them a pasta maker that gives them a chance to make romantic meals together and give them bragging rights. Trust me, they'll love saying they make their own pasta for spaghetti night.

Alpaca Throw Blanket


Every home could use a couple of cozy throw blankets, but for this couple, go for an elevated option made of blend of cotton and alpaca wool.

Hand-Poured Candle

Aspen Bay

It's a fact: you can never have too many candles. For this couple, though, you've got to make it special. Look for hand-poured candles with a soy-wax blend — it's a plus if it's a beautiful jar they can reuse, too.

Robe And Slipper Set

Pottery Barn

This jet-setting couple is used to the little luxuries of hotel living: 1,000 thread-count sheets, room service on demand, and of course, fancy hotel robes. To give them that feeling back home, get them a matching (and monogrammed!) robe and slipper set they can lounge in.

Charcuterie Subscription Box

Carnivore Club

If you have a pair of foodies on your hand, get them a gift that keeps on giving — a charcuterie subscription box! It's a genius idea for couple's game night and saves them the trouble of having to create the perfect spread.

Marble Cheese Board

west elm

Since you know this couple is all about a fancy spread, get them something they can use whenever they're entertaining. A marble cheese board will fit in right into their collection, ready to use for when they have guests over or if they just want to have a special night in together.

Porcelain And Gold Vase

Jonathan Adler

This is a couple who for sure love to have fresh flowers around their home, so why not gift them the perfect vase for those blooms? If you want, you can even gift it with a bouquet you've picked out.

Copper Cookware

Mauviel M'heritage

No gourmet kitchen is complete without a set of fancy cookware. A copper set inspired by French cuisine not only improves dinnertime, but adds an elevated touch to the kitchen.

Gilded Bookends


Every adult home should have a well-stocked library, and for this couple, a bookshelf also doubles as an opportunity to show off unique objets d'art. Find a great pair of gilded book ends to compliment their style and build on their collection of unique pieces.