9 Weird Natural Remedies For Anxiety That Can Actually Work


If you suffer from anxiety and have been trying to treat it the natural way, you've likely been told to exercise, eat well, and try meditating. However, there are a number of other weird natural remedies for anxiety that actually work that you may not have heard of. They might sound a little off-beat, but science has found that these odd tricks can actually benefit your health. And since they're all-natural, there's no harm in trying them out, even if they seem a little far fetched.

"The most natural approach is the best approach for several reasons, the most important of which is that medications have side effects," says psychotherapist Laurel Steinberg, PhD over email. " I also like people to feel that they can be in control of their mental health without having to rely on medications."

Ever person is different, and if medication works best for you, it's totally OK to stick to your routine; it's important to emphasize how key it is to work with professionals to find what works for you and stick to it. Plus, you can always supplement your treatment with some of these natural solutions. If you are trying to take the more natural route or want to add more anxiety-reducing habits into your life, consider these nine weird natural remedies for anxiety that actually work, according to science.