9 Women In Politics Explain How Trump Inspired Them To Run For Office

Following Trump's election as president, the country witnessed a significant uptick in the number of women running for office. EMILY's List, an organization which works to elect pro-choice, Democratic women, noted earlier in November that Trump's win — and Hillary Clinton's loss — indeed marked a transformational moment in American history. Since then, women in politics have discussed why Trump inspired them to run. Though their campaigns are certainly not Trump-centric, his election was a catalyst for ensuring women's voices are represented in elected offices around the country.

EMILY's List told Vox that, in 2017, it heard from over 20,000 women who were interested in running for office. This marks a massive jump from the 900 women that expressed interest in running during the 2015-’16 election cycle. Stephanie Schriock, the president of EMILY's List, described the momentum as unprecedented, telling Vox, “We’ve never seen anything like this."

This momentum is already having significant impacts. On Nov. 7, women won elections in record numbers all over the country, including in Virginia, where women won an unprecedented 28 seats in the state legislature. Nine of these victories were from Democratic women who unseated Republican incumbents.

With the substantial increase in women running for office, it is important to hear women candidates' own words about why they decided to run, including their reflections on how Trump (ironically) inspired them to seek political office. The list below explains why just some of these women candidates were particularly inspired to serve following the 2016 presidential election.