90-Second Workouts To Get You To Happy Hour Quicker

Exercising has countless benefits, from boosting happiness levels, to increasing strength and flexibility, to reducing the risk for heart disease. Studies show that a regular workout regime can even help you live longer. Yet despite the overwhelming evidence that sweating a little once in awhile is good for us, it can still be incredibly difficult to actually get around to the whole “working out” thing. Deep down, we all know that once a workout is over, we’ll feel accomplished and reap the rewarding benefits of exercise-induced endorphins. Nevertheless, it can still be difficult to find the motivation to simply get started.

We understand that the struggle is real. That’s why we firmly believe that everyone should infuse a little more fun into their fitness grind, whether it’s by picking out a fearless new outfit to rock while doing squats, or rewarding yourself by catching up with your favorite workout buddy over a post-gym happy hour. To ensure your next sweat fest is one you look forward to, we partnered with Smirnoff™ Spiked Sparkling Seltzer to design a variety of 30-second bodyweight exercises you can mix-and-match to create 90-second workouts. Just think: you're on a fast track to a much-needed energy boost, and a well-earned celebration!

Step One:

Pick a workout outfit you love

Allison Gore

Step Two:

Mix-and-Match! Pick Three 30-Second Exercises From The Below Options

Step Three:

High five your workout partner and be sure to celebrate your (sweaty) efforts!

Allison Gore

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Illustrations: Allison Gore