'90s Hair Crimpers Are Making A Comeback & You'll Love The Way They're Being Used Today

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It's hard to deny that the '90s are back in full force. From television reboots to plaid and Doc Martens, the decade many millennials were born in has made a serious resurgence. Now, '90s hair crimpers are coming back, but it may not be the trend you think. The old school gadgets are actually a genius hack for voluminous hair.

Over the course of 2017, the trend began to make a comeback with stars like Gabrielle Union and Zosia Mamet rocking the lock and events later in the year. Of course, perhaps the biggest sign that crimped is coming back comes from none other than Queen Bey herself. The multi-talented star debuted lightly crimped hair on Instagram and wore the style when presenting Colin Kapernick with his Sports Illustrated Sportsperson of the Year Awards. Basically, Beyoncè brought back crimped hair.

However, if you're not totally convinced to go full on '90s glam and embrace your inner Disney channel starlet of yesteryear (here's looking at you Hilary Duff), there is a way to use a crimper that doesn't involve you embrace the decade's resurgence.

As it turns out, not only are major brands like GHD creating new hair crimpers, but vloggers are trying the trend as a way to create more volume in their hair. Queen of testing out "does that really work" products, Tati Westbrook, took to her YouTube channel to test out a new fangled flat iron said to increase hair volume with it's crimping style design. It actually seems to work really well if done correctly.

Westbrook uses the Voloom Volumizing Iron in her video, and you can clearly see that the metal pads inside the flat iron are actually similar to a crimper. According to Westbrook's video, you use the flat iron to create volume at the roots of your hair. Flip over the few layer of your hair, crimp the roots underneath, and poof volume! While the experiment didn't go well the first time, the product does, in fact, give Westbrook volume by crimping the layers underneath her straightened tresses. While it wasn't a resounding win for the guru, it does prove that crimping may actually be a useful hack, not just a hair style.

Brands like GHD have also brought back crimpers, and while of course, the product does crimp your hair, the brand also points out the hack on their website. They say that you can use the crimper "to instantly enhance shape and volume." While you may not want to go overboard with the look, it's clearly worth a shot if you're looking to get a bit more fullness at the roots of the hair in a way that appears to be much fast and much easier to fix than back combing your tresses.

GHD Contour Professional Crimper, $135, GHD

You may embraced nostalgia already, but what's one more '90s-era beauty item to add? From Lisa Frank makeup brushes to Gameboy-inspired eyeshadows to Polly Pocket-inspired palettes, there's tons of '90s era throwbacks to make your nostalgic heart fall in love all over again. But if you're looking for an updated way to wear your throwback, crimping may be it.

If you love volume with ease and a good hair hack, a crimper may be your new, unlikely best friend.