Tributes You Can Share On The Sept. 11 Anniversary To Show Your Support

by Lani Seelinger
Drew Angerer/Getty Images News/Getty Images

We all remember our 9/11 stories. If you were old enough to understand what was going on, then probably every moment of that day is indelibly etched into your brain. Now, 16 years later, there are countless 9/11 tributes you can share today to show your support, many of them using some version of the phrase "never forget." For anyone who witnessed it, whether from elsewhere in Manhattan or a thousand miles away, forgetting is just not an option.

Sharing your version of the story is, though. Or if you don't feel comfortable with that and simply want to show your support to the victims' loved ones in another way, there are myriad ways to do that as well. Take a moment out of your day to think about how you experienced 9/11, to remember where you were when the you saw the towers fall, to reflect on what the day meant for the country. Thousands of people are remembering the loved ones they lost on that horrible day, and even though it's over a decade and a half later, I can only imagine that the wound still feels fresh on the anniversary every year, when the whole country spends some time talking about it. I can't speak for them — but I'm sure they'd appreciate your support.

It Never Leaves The Heart

The events of 9/11 struck at the very core of America — and that day, the core of America was New York City.

So Simple, So Meaningful

Putting the two symbols together — the Statue of Liberty and the World Trade Center — makes them both that much more powerful.

A Visual Of What Changed

Just looking at the new building at One World Trade is only the very tip of the iceberg when it comes to how much actually changed in the world after that day.

Get Out Your Tissues

This is just as heartbreaking now, even 16 years later.

For The Promise Of A Better World

That's what we're all fighting for, right? In our own ways? Let this day be a reminder that we can only truly make the world better if we do it together.

Remember The Day's Heroes

So many of the victims had no idea what the day would become — and so many others knew exactly what they were walking into, and they did it with such unimaginable bravery and sacrifice.

"Stop Extremism"

What killed the victims of 9/11 was a hateful, perverted ideology, not a religion.

Always A Good Reminder

A morning kiss goodbye — or the lack thereof — never seems so meaningful as it does on the anniversary of 9/11.

The Sun And The Skyline

Even 16 years later, it still seems like there's something missing.

It Wasn't Just New York

Allow Gladstone, the official cat of the British Treasury office, to remind you that New York wasn't the only place where people lost their lives.

Don't Forget Their Bravery

No one could possibly have expected to get that particular emergency call — and the Fire Department of New York should always be commended for their admirable work.

Remember The Camaraderie

The country, and the world, came together after 9/11 — don't forget that that's possible in a country that now seems so terribly divided.

This Is Still True

The 9/11 memorial is an extremely meaningful place — but you don't have to visit to know that this quote is true.

The Story Is Ongoing

Not all of the victims of 9/11 actually lost their lives on that day — the first responders who became ill from inhaling toxic material now have a well-deserved monument to their heroism as well.

This Is A Day For America, Together

Not all of the victims were Americans, of course. But the point is that we don't remember them divided into their religions, ethnicities, and races — we remember them all together.

We Will Remember, And We Will Be Stronger

This was such a terrible attack — but it did not bring down America, and it did not change the best of the American spirit.

A Very Specific Tribute

This is hard to read, and hard to remember, but so necessary.

Spreading The Light

This particular memorial is powerful whenever you see it.

9/11, In Artwork

These really get at something deeper than words do.

Remember How The World Changed

One morning, everything was normal and you could meet your family members at the airport gate and there was no specter of war — and then, the world changed.

Still A Painful Reminder

Watching footage of the 9/11 attacks never gets any easier. You can't desensitize yourself to something like that. Watching the planes flying into the building, and the buildings coming down, and the smoke billowing out — it will always be powerful and painful and so necessary to see again.

Those moments changed the country in a way that can never be undone. Almost 3,000 people lost their lives, and it started a sequence of events that would lead to those victim totals growing to this very day. Today, at the very least, we owe them a moment of remembrance and a message of support.