There's A Book About Ivanka & Jared Coming And They Already Want Nothing To Do With It

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Page Six reported Monday that a new book about Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner is in the works. It's slated to hit stores in 2019, and by all indications, it will not paint the Washington power couple in a flattering light.

The first hint is the title: Kushner, Inc, which suggests personal enrichment and profit, not public service (Both Kushner and Trump are officially advisers to the president). There's also the fact that both the duo and members of their inner circle are refusing to talk to the author as she researches the book, according to Page Six. Lastly, there's the author herself, Vicky Ward, who's been highly critical of Trump and Kushner's tenure in the White House in the past.

In an interview with Democracy Now in 2017, Ward referred to the Trump White House as a "horrifying kleptocracy," the likes of which have "never happened to this country before," and said that Trump and Kushner are both using their positions in the White House primarily to enrich themselves, not affect public policy.

"The White House is turning into the Kushner piggy bank and the Trump piggy bank," Ward said, adding that "Ivanka’s self-interest has sort of been ignored. I mean, it’s been covered, but it’s been overcome by the noise of the other stories."

Win McNamee/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Ward suggested that Trump is primarily using her post in the White House to expand her clothing line, and that the only previous experience she and Kushner had before joining the administration was "working for their parents." Kushner's father, Charles, was a real estate developer in New York; after being sent to prison in 2005 for tax evasion and witness tampering, Charles put his son in charge of managing the company.

When Trump and Kushner became presidential advisers, some hoped that they might act as a moderating force on the president. Both donated heavily to Democratic politicians before joining the elder Trump's campaign, and they are believed by some to have more liberal views on certain policies than the president himself. However, the two have not had any discernible moderating effect on White House policy, which was most evident when the president opted to withdraw the U.S. from the Paris Climate Accords despite intense lobbying from Trump and Kushner to remain in the pact.

Ward, who's written for Esquire and is currently an editor-at-large at Huffington Post and Town & Country, has two best-sellers under her belt: The Devil’s Casino: Friendship, Betrayal and the High Stakes Games Played Inside Lehman Brothers, published in 2010, and The Liar’s Ball: The Extraordinary Saga of How one Building Broke the World’s Toughest Tycoons. It was reported in 2015 that a film adaptation of Liar's Ball is in the works.

According to Page Six, Ward attempted to contact both Jared and Charles Kushner, as well as Jared's brother Josh and Josh's girlfriend Karlie Kloss, while researching the book, but none of them would talk to her.

Kushner, Inc isn't finished yet; Ward told the Washington Post that she's still "in the thick of reporting” for it, and has been spending a “great deal of time" in Washington D.C. to do so. Although an exact release date hasn't been announced, the Post reports that it will be published by St. Martin’s Press some time in 2019.

Kushner and Trump were most recently seen attending the opening ceremony for the new American embassy in Israel, which the president relocated from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. The ceremony occurred as the Israeli military was firing on Palestinian protesters near the border of Gaza, creating what some argued were "bad optics" for Trump and Kushner.