A Boy's Reflection Appears To Move Before He Does In This Viral Video & People Are Freaking Out


You know how when you watch a horror movie you always have to prepare yourself to jump when a character goes to look in a mirror? It's the picture perfect jump scare opportunity for whatever's chasing the protagonist to appear while they're innocently washing their face or something. Well, apparently the existence of creepy mirror action stretches far beyond the screen. Twitter user @satxjolynn posted a video on Monday that has 110,000 people talking, and I can understand why. The footage is only a few seconds, but that's all it takes for things to get weird. All it does is zoom in on the boy standing in front of a mirror — but when the boy's reflection walks away, he doesn't immediately go with it.

He turns away and retreats from the mirror a few seconds after his reflection does, but it's enough to give you chills. Honestly, if I saw that in my house I would be terrified that my ghost doppelganger had arrived from another dimension to hunt me down and replace me. Evil twins aren't a Hollywood trope for no reason. Watch if you dare, and prepare to be spooked and slightly confused when its over.

Naturally, people were freaking out.

Neither do I.

I'll have to check myself out with caution from now on.

Some people even had some theories on what was going down:

Super suspicious, indeed. This observation was up for debate in the comments, where user @CavanaughCooper responded, "His eyes open, if you wait a half second it shows him close his eyes." User @troyster752 disagreed: "Nah it’s a mirror, if his eyes are closed they should be closed in the mirror too. I’ve never heard of a mirror that’s got a .5 second delay," they said. That's a good point, even a millisecond delay would make me start screaming paranormal activity.

Someone else had a different (arguably even more mind-boggling) explanation for the un-synchronized reflection:

From another dimension? First of all, starting that tweet with "everybody knows" makes me even more concerned — is it supposed to be common knowledge that our reflections have minds of their own? Now that I think about it, mirrors have been used in fantasy stories for generations: Alice using a mirror to go to another dimension in Lewis Carroll's Through The Looking Glass, and the Mirror of Erised in the Harry Potter series to name a couple.

Wait, there's even more.

Okay, it's official — I'm throwing out every mirror I own. If I want to know what I look like I'll hire someone to paint a portrait of me like it's the 17th century. It's either that or, apparently, lose your soul to an identical twin from a parallel universe.

In these terrifying times, at least there's still one place we can look to for help and guidance:

If you ever see your mirror reflection developing a mind of its own, call up the Ghostbusters and pray that they're down to keep the franchise alive.