A Cheese Conveyer Belt Is Coming To The UK & You Feta Brielieve I'll Be There First

Pick & Cheese/KERB

Food is constantly evolving. Not only the way food is made, but also the way it's enjoyed. New and exciting dining experiences are ever increasing, with a heck of a lot of new trends and gimmicks out there to try. And this new one is low-key genius. Or should I say, cheesenius. If you're hungry RN, turn back. This could just tip you over the edge. I'm about to delve into a pretty serious situation. And when I say serious, I mean a cheese conveyor belt is coming to London and no, I can't brie-lieve it either.

Holy cheesus this is not only huge news, but a great chance to throw some seriously cheesy puns in your face. Yes guys, this is neither a drill nor a joke. And it's all going down in London town.

When? Where? How? Well according to The Londonist, Pick & Cheese will be arriving at street food champions KERB's latest project, Seven Dials Market. Listen, Pick & Cheese is such an effing lit name. If you're not shook by that alone then the juicy, melty details on this new foodie project will make you drool. Especially as it comes from the creators of the already top notch establishment, The Cheese Bar.

The conveyor belt, which will be set in a bar, is going to be 40 metres long. Just for scale, the famous 'Christ The Redeemer' Statue in Rio De Janeiro is 38 metres tall. Including the pedestal it sits on. Yep. Pretty darn huge.

In the interest of space and comfort, while you smash pieces of cheese into your tiny mouth, the bar will accommodate up to 38 lucky diners. Meaning, you know, there's plenty of room for stretchy trousers.

Similarly to the long-established sushi belt method, the plates are coded by colour. That's what decides how much your bill will be at the end. Yes, you guys, sadly this is not a set price all you can eat situation.

The Londonist reports that up to an absolutely outrageous 25 different cheeses will be gliding right under your nose, all from UK based farms and producers. I guess cheese on its own could potentially get a bit boring, so worry thee not because these dairy delights will be paired with all sorts of delicious condiments. And what is cheese without condiments, am I right?

Also, what it cheese without wine? Don't worry guys, the cheesy goodness is all going to be paired with a multitude of gorgeous natural and organic wines. Just in case, you know — you get parched.

For fans of cold cuts, Black Hand Food from Tottenham will be serving up a load of choice charcuterie bits. For those who aren't sweet enough, there will also be dessert options. From the genius minds of Happy Endings ice cream, there will be brie and blue cheese flavoured ice cream. Can I get an Amen?

The cheese conveyer bar is due to open in Sept 2019. Roll on September because this looks goud-a.