Netflix Just Announced 'A Christmas Prince 3' With Some Major News For The Royal Couple


After what feels like forever for fans, Netflix has confirmed that a third Christmas Prince is officially happening. A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby is on the way, so it looks like there are some major life changes ahead for Prince Richard and Amber.

The second movie, A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding left off with Richard and Amber tying the knot (Amber wore Converse sneakers under her wedding dress, of course). There were some hiccups along the way to the wedding, but these two were always meant to be. And now, it looks like another Aldovian heir will soon be joining the family. Netflix announced the news on Twitter, sharing a photo of a royal ultrasound — crown and all — seemingly confirming that Amber and Richard are expecting!

Richard and Amber preparing for the royal baby's arrival isn't the only storyline on the way in the third film, either. A press release from Netflix teased:

"Amber and Richard host royals from a faraway kingdom to renew an ancient truce, but when the priceless 600-year-old-treaty disappears, peace is put in jeopardy and an ancient curse threatens their family!"

Nothing worse than an ancient curse, am I right? Based on this summary, it sounds like Richard is struggling as a ruler once again, but I'll give him the benefit of the doubt until the trailer comes out.

The good news for fans is that there won't be a long wait until the movie's release. Netflix teased that The Royal Baby is coming "this holiday season," so fans can start the winter off the way it's meant to be celebrated: with a ridiculous, cheesy Netflix movie that's just heartwarming and fun.

Naturally, plenty of fans shared their excitement about the news on Twitter.

And at least one person (lovingly) called out the second Christmas Prince movie's confusing plot.

Other fans, though, were more concerned with whether a different Netflix Christmas movie would be getting a sequel.

And one person asked the all-important question: Will Amber be blogging about the baby news? The new royal definitely wouldn't consider it TMI to post the ultrasound photo on her blog, although her royal mother-in-law might not agree.

Other fans seem to be wondering if the third movie is a sign that the foreseeable future will include a new Christmas Prince movie every holiday season. The possibilities are endless, after all.

Still, no fans seem to be asking one crucial question about the third movie: Will a third actor be playing Amber's dad this time around? Daniel Fathers and John Guerrasio, who played the role in A Christmas Prince and The Royal Wedding, respectively, look nothing alike, so the possibilities of who could play Rudy in A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby are endless.

Adding a crown to an ultrasound photo is a little creepy, but it definitely gets the point across: Richard and Amber's child will be the next heir to the Aldovian throne. And with so much resting on the baby-to-be's shoulders, that will probably leave plenty of room for disagreement between the royal couple about how their child should be raised.

But if the second movie proved anything, it's that Richard and Amber know how to compromise. Amber will probably agree to some of the royals' more strict rules, but the baby will also likely be sporting some mini Converse, too. As long as Simon and Princess Emily are the baby's godparents, I'm fine with whatever else the third movie has in store.