You Can Help Get This Impeachment Book In The Hands Of Every Member Of Congress

by Kerri Jarema

OK, if you are among the massive group of American citizens who believes that out government is in a current state of crisis, Melville House Publishers definitely agrees with you. Because the Brooklyn-based publishing house announced that they have started a campaign to send each and every member of the U.S. Congress a copy of Barbara A. Radnofsky's book, A Citizen's Guide to Impeachment. Yes, you read that right.

Melville House is encouraging readers to donate a copy of the book to Congress through the dedicated page on the Melville House website. Every copy of the book purchased via them, will be mailed to an elected official within the legislative branch, with the goal of reaching all 535 members of Congress. As a further incentive, the book has been discounted to just $8, and Melville House is handling shipping costs for every donation. They plan to keep a running and public list of all senators and congresspeople who have been sent copies.

Melville House's intention in this project is to ensure all 535 members of Congress have the knowledge they need for a potential impeachment, and to illuminate how important the issue of impeachment is to their constituents.

A Citizen's Guide to Impeachment by Barbara A. Radnofsky, $8.00, Melville House

A Citizen's Guide to Impeachment is billed as a straightforward and non-partisan guide meant to teach the average person exactly what impeachment is, including the precise rules of the process and their application throughout the history of the United States. Writing in clear, accessible terms, Barbara Radnofsky intends to help citizens understand what constitutes an impeachable offense as well as the process of removing someone from office.

Even cooler? Barbara Radnofsky was the first woman in Texas history to run as the Democratic nominee for the U.S. Senate in 2006, and the first to run as the Democratic nominee for Texas attorney general in 2010. Basically, she seems like a total badass, and Melville House's project is one of the best bookish ways of resistance we've seen. If you want to donate a copy to Congress, check out the Melville House wesbite.