This 'Friends'-Inspired Turkey Mug Is A Must-Have For Any True Fan


Whether you have a glistening turkey gracing the dining table or not this Friendsgiving, you'll certainly want to set a turkey related item as the centerpiece. ~Thankfully~, a Friends inspired turkey mug exists — just in time for the feasting holiday — and I could not be more grateful. Grateful that pop culture referenced homewares exist so our kitchens can be quirky ceramic wonderlands for all our friends to enjoy.

In case the reference is escaping you, let us recap the significance of this mug. In the iconic Friends episode, "The One With All The Thanksgivings," we journey through the ups and downs of Monica and Chandler's relationship. From cut off pinky toes to letting a very important "I love you" slip. And somewhere between those extremes Monica slips her entire head into a unprepared turkey carcass, decorates it with comedically large sunglasses, tops it was a fez, and shimmies. All to get an upset Chandler to crack a smile.

It's an example of how far a friend will go to apologize and cheer up someone she loves. And now we can sip on that tender, humorous moment forever. Firebox, a London-based lifestyle retailer with a penchant for products "with a twist", has just released the Turkey Mug. It's a tribute to Friends and ~friends.~ It'll make the Janice in you screech, "Oh. My. God."

You don't have to be into any version of the gobbling holiday to enjoy a quirky mug. Tis the season for hot beverages, after all. And that's enough reason to add to your mug collection, to be honest. Steaming hot chocolate, calming chamomile, your morning cup of drip coffee from Central Perk, even mulled wine! The turkey mug is a smile inducing vessel for all of this liquid gold. While you warm your soul with the beverage of your choice, the mug will warm your heart. Better yet, share the mug with a friend who needs a smile. It's what Monica would want you to do.

Just be warned of one thing. offers advice when it comes to the mug, cautioning, "Just please don’t try to stick your head in it and do a funny dance. It’s a standard mug size, it’s not gonna work." In case you were tempted to recreate the scene, don't. This turkey mug is strictly for sipping and gifting purposes only. All attempts to stick your head in it will fail and could potentially result in a shattered mug, which would be anything but funny.

The mug is adorned with the famous oversized glasses and a fez hat that you can remove. Unfortunately, however, the Turkey Mug does not come with the ability to shimmy by itself. But to bring the magic of the famous scene to life in your very own kitchen, you can certainly shimmy from counter to table with it in hand. Or, you know, you can shimmy just because you're happy to have a mug full of tea on a chilly morning.

Monica shoved her head into a turkey for the sake of friendship and forgiveness. And I am definitely not mad at there being a mug to commemorate the classic TV moment. It reminds us that friends are more akin to family and will go to hygienically questionable lengths to make you crack a smile. Celebrate your crew of besties by gifting them their very own Turkey Mug. It'll clue them in on how much you care about them every time they take a sip of their brew. Because this vessel is so much more than a mug. It's a token of gratitude and friendship.