The 'Friends'-Themed Guess Who? Board Game Is The Escape You Need

by Mia Mercado

Friends fans, nostalgic 90s kids, and people who are bored at home, assemble! There’s a Friends-themed Guess Who? board game available online, and it is the pop culture mash-up you didn’t know you needed. Better start brushing up on your game strategy, maybe throw in a few vocal exercises. (e.g. “Does your person have an iconic 90s haircut named after them?”, “How you doin’? Is your person Joey?”)

Etsy seller Bored but Cozy is to thank (read: worship, praise, offer Dunkaroos of gratitude) for this much-needed reboot of the classic Guess Who? board game. Their shop is dedicated to answering the question we’ve been asking since our youth: What if all the people in Guess Who? were just people from my favorite TV shows? There’s a Parks and Rec Guess Who? game. There’s a Schitt’s Creek Guess Who? game. Do you love Disney Princesses and Guess Who? That mash-up exists as well. If you really want to overwhelm the nostalgic part of your brain, Bored but Cozy has a 90s cartoon-themed Guess Who? board game. It’s the quality time with Doug Funny, TJ Detweiler, and Helga Pataki you have been craving since '97.

In other words, if you’re at home doing more puzzles than usual like the rest of the world, there is a TV show-themed Guess Who? board game for you.

Bored but Cozy offers two different versions of the Friends Guess Who? game: a full version of the board game ($65) or a downloadable print-and-play version ($9). The full version comes with all the pieces of your standard Guess Who? game: two plastic units (one in red and one in blue) and all the necessary cards. The original cards are also included so you get two games in one. (The Etsy seller notes they’re experiencing some COVID-19-related delays in shipping but are still getting games out as quickly and safely as possible.)

If you already have the board game — likely in a Tupperware container at your parents’ house — the downloadable version has all the same cards but is available to print as soon as you purchase it. In addition to the six main characters, the game has more of your minor character favorites from the show: Gunther, Janice, Ursula Buffay (the identical twin sister of Phoebe who appears on both Friends and Mad About You for some reason I cannot allow myself to Google otherwise I will fall down a 90s-sitcom rabbit hole).

The Etsy seller recommends questions like “Has your character been divorced?” or “Was your character on a break?” but you can feel free to get as specific and strange with your Friends trivia as you please. Just as the theme song promise, Friends will be there for you.