A Woman Asked Siri If Her Crush Would Text Her Back & SIRI RUINED EVERYTHING

Siri is a really nice bot, I'm sure. She's been there for me when I've needed to look up the capital of Antarctica, and when I've needed to play "Wagon Wheel" from my Apple music.

But apparently there's a darker side to Siri if you try to abuse her fortune-telling services, as Twitter user Ceci Mula discovered when she decided to ask Siri a very personal question. Ceci recounted in a now viral thread on Twitter how she held up her phone, activated Siri, and asked if her crush would ever text her. I mean, I have lain awake many a time wondering similar things, so that's a question I want answered too.

But this poor unfortunate soul experienced the wrath of the virtual personal assistant. Instead of giving a joke back, Siri took it upon herself to send Ceci's crush a text, and much to Ceci's horror, she accidentally hit "send" while trying to stop Siri.

Are you Siri-ous right now?

It was an event of catastrophic magnitude. Seems Siri wants the feminist power of free will to win over the passive game of waiting around for men to chase you and took it into her own hands. Not that Ceci had any say in the matter.

The fellow Twitterverse was initially confused that Ceci could've let this happen.

Because, what? They warned you, here. Girl.

In all seriousness, though — she clearly didn't realize that technology is not to be trusted, but especially technology that purports to help you through being your friend. Would I trust Siri with my life? Hell no. I'd ask her about mundane matters that are not life and death!

The embarrassment continued on and on.

And of course the Twitterverse was quick to get on this all. They expressed understandable horror, some judgment, general sympathy and a lot of laughter over the incident. There were many camps of people on the scene, such as:

The oldies who are glad they aren't in this generation
The ones who relate/have had a social security crisis on their hands
The ones who know that the sky's the limit with dystopian fiction

Even though it just released six new episodes (now streaming on Netflix), Black Mirror could always use plot inspiration for next season, right?

The hardcore skeptics

Dragging her, aren't they!

The ones that blame the developers for product errors

Yeah, there are lives and sanity at stake here.

The ones who think the universe had a message for her

All jokes aside, it is a cute shirt and reminder. Maybe I'll get it for V-day...

The supportive ladies who had their priorities straight

Ceci replied that "Love On the Brain" felt appropriate.

The ones who rewrote the narrative

Doesn't sound like there's much hope, but we can all dream, right?

The geniuses with future preventive ideas

Ooh, handy tip for the next time Siri betrays someone.

The girls who realized every guy is trying to 'mansplain and called them out

Yeah, true though. Who knows what embarrassing things guys get up to when girls aren't looking? Like you've never overthought or regretted an action in your life... Ceci did fave it, so hopefully she feels a bit more empowered after all of this.

At the end of the day, maybe she got something out of this. Which is... be more careful with technology? Start writing your will and testament now in case technology does take over our future?

In any case, let this be a lesson that Siri shouldn't be too trusted and it might as well have happened. That being said, I'm sure worse things have happened with trying to rely too heavily on voice-activated technology. And there are also better questions to ask her, like, "read me a haiku," or "do you have any pets," or "why did the chicken cross the road?" — all of which seem statistically unlikely to backfire and text your unsuspecting crush.