A Girl Shared A Kiss With A Boy On The Eiffel Tower — And Needs Your Help To Find Him

Paris is the city of love; and on a recent trip to France's capital, Juliana Corrales got to experience that firsthand. In a series of tweets, Corrales explained that she recently went on a 12-day trip to gorgeous Paris with her three besties, and while she was there, she made a promise to herself: she would kiss someone on the Eiffel Tower. On the last day of their trip, they stood at the top of the tower, searching for Prince Charming, but to no avail. Everyone seemed to be paired off. The clock was ticking. Suspense built. Would Juliana leave Paris kissless and disappointed?

Fortunately, one of Corrales' friends spotted a gentleman by the name of Gavin standing nearby. Fearlessly, Corrales approached him and explained her story. After asking if he'd be her kiss, and he obliged. The kiss was good. So good, that Corrales said Gavin's mother told them to do it again so she could get a picture. #BestMomEver #ThanksMom

And then they fell in love and lived happily ever after.

No, wait. That's not how it goes. Gavin and Juliana went on their separate ways, never exchanging numbers; so she took to Twitter to explain what happened and enlisted the help of strangers in finding the boy who planted one on her at the top of the Eiffel Tower.

And boy, did the internet deliver. Twitter is officially Team Juliana, and everyone is geeking out as hard as the girls in this video. Behold, the kiss.

One more time, for good measure.

Please note it currently has over a million views, nearly 46,000 likes, and almost 20,000 retweets. It was the kiss heard 'round the Twitter.

People were clearly touched by the beautiful story, and suddenly, Gavin and Juliana became the most romantic story since Romeo and Juliet.

But... where's Gavin? Was the search fruitful? It wasn't easy. It seems Gavin isn't as obsessed with documenting his every move on social media as the rest of us are, making it difficult to locate him. But whether or not we want to admit it, over the years, many of us have perfected the art of stalking people online. The hunt for Gavin allowed people to put their super sleuth skills to good use, and the search continued.

Not long after sharing her story, there was this false alarm that first got all our hopes up and then subsequently broke our hearts. Why you do this to us, Twitter?

Some chose to sit back and simply admire the detective skills some people possess — because truly, it's rather impressive, amirite?

Despite the mystery surrounding him, it didn't take much longer for people to locate a profile they think is Gavin on social media, but it appears that his pages aren't very active. While the story of the Eiffel Tower kiss is spreading like wildfire, he hasn't spoken out yet, so he may way to maintain his privacy.

While Gavin seems to be the strong, silent type, that doesn't mean people aren't swooning over the boy who helped make one gal's Paris dream come true. Sure, it was but an innocent kiss. But a kiss at the top of the Eiffel Tower? Nobody is going to forget that; and neither is the crowd who's been diligently following this story for the last few days.

Juliana and Gavin: The Movie has a nice ring to it, don't you think?

While the odds of this ending in a fairytale romance are slim to none, you can't help but feel butterflies. Is there any better way to end a trip to Paris than with a kiss at the top of the Eiffel Tower?

No. The answer is no.