A Harry Potter-Themed Pub Might Open In London

Never before has a Kickstarter project got so many Muggles this excited: the Harry Potter-themed pub The Cauldron is the wizarding pub of our childhood dreams and we need to make it happen. A group of tech-savvy Potterheads have created the idea for a magical pub that lets visitors use magic wands to turn on lights, pour drinks, and light fires — all while watching candles mysteriously float above the tables, and moving pictures play out on the walls. This might be the closest to The Three Broomsticks that us No-Majs will ever get.

The crowdfunding page hasn't yet opened to build The Cauldron pub, but I have no doubt it will receive a lot of support — because who doesn't want to drink in a magical pub? (No word yet on whether they'll serve Butterbeer, but we can dream.) When it does open on June 26, Potter fans can pitch in to see this magical establishment brought to life — but don't forget to save a little money for your flight to London to visit it in 2018.

On The Cauldron's website, you'll find a series of YouTube videos that demonstrate their jaw-dropping technology — from the magic wands that actually do magic, to the magnetized candles that float and spin the air. There's also information about the menu, which will serve meals based on feasts our favorite Harry Potter characters ate, and cocktails that fizz and smoke like potions. Oh, and all around the pub will be bookshelves — so visitors can stay for hours and read about the Wizarding World, all while sitting in the real thing.

The Harry Potter-inspired pub is estimated to open in 2018. Oh if only we had a Time-Turner to make 2018 come sooner!