A Hot Topic Heart Of Te Fiti 'Moana' Eyeshadow Palette Exists & What Can I Say Except "You're Welcome"

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If you have seen Moana, then chances are the story is still stuck in your head even though it's been months since you've seen the Polynesian-chief-to-be sail the Pacific Ocean. It's too fun (and inspiring) of a story to forget so quickly. With a mystical grandmother, a bro-ish demi-god, a scrawny chicken sidekick, and an inspiring amount of determination that's coupled with a relatable amount of self-doubt, Moana kicks ass. Which is why when Hot Topic came out with a Moana-inspired eyeshadow palette named the Heart Of Te Fiti, fans everywhere collectively gasped. Even if you have more eyeshadows than you could possibly use, this is worth the buy for the novelty of it.

The palette is named after the goddess that creates life, whose heart was stolen by Maui turning her into Te Kā, a demon made of fire and magma that has slowly been bringing death to the islands. Moana was the only one that could bring her heart back to her, and now a palette is made to capture her adventures via vibrant eyeshadow colors.

"You'll dazzle like a diamond in the rough when you make up your face with this eyeshadow palette from Moana," the product description reads.

Hot Topic

Heart Of Te Fiti Eyeshadow Palette, $11, Hot Topic

Well-stocked with 13 different colors that take inspiration from the islands and the colorful characters of the movie, it's a palette that packs a tropical punch.

Included are six matte colors: a mossy green named "Fish Hook," which references Maui's god-gifted weapon that allows him to shape-shift; a charcoal grey named "Kakamora," which was the name of the fierce coconut pirates; a white color named "Te Ka," which references the demon antagonist; and a mauve shade dubbed "Tiki," which references (in Polynesian culture) the first man ever created. There's also a purple shade named "Tamatoa," which is the villainous giant crab that loves shiny things; and a soft peach named "Stingray" after Moana's grandmother;

Next are the five shimmers: a shimmering forest green named "Motonui" after Moana's island; a baby pink named "Pua," which was Moana's piglet; a sparkly pink-coral named "Heihei," which was her scrawny chicken who came along on her adventure; a teal shade named "Mini-Maui," which is a nod to Maui's living tattoo; and a coppery shade dubbed "Manaina Toa."

The deeper tones to create smokey eyes include an eggplant shade named "A Tua O Sami," which is a lyric from "We Know the Way" by Lin-Manuel Miranda; and a rich brown called "Maui," which is named after the demi-god who started the whole debacle with Te Fiti.

Finish off your face with the shimmery highlighter named "Heart of Te Fiti," which is found in the center of the palette.

Hot Topic

Heart Of Te Fiti Eyeshadow Palette, $11, Hot Topic

The palette is also vegan and cruelty-free, and only clocks in around $11, making it super affordable.

But while it's on the budget-friendly side, it doesn't seem to be great in terms of pigmentation. So far there is only one review, and it seems like the shadows don't give much color payoff. Giving the palette two out of five stars, the reviewer titled it "Cute Idea, Not A Great Palette."

"Sadly, this is the worst out of the Disney palettes. It was VERY difficult to get any color pay off from the shadows. The greens in this palette look so nice, but there is barely any color that comes out when you try to swatch it. The pinks do not even stand out much on my skin tone and most are chalky," the reviewer shared, including photos of their swatches.

But they also had a few positive things to say. "The cutest thing about this palette is the design. Great character placement and art. If you are a big fan of Moana and really just want a makeup palette as a nice piece to stand out, I would recommend this. Other than that, it is really not worth it."

If you're looking for a functioning palette that will give you intense, pigmented eye looks, then this palette might fall a little short. But if you want a collector's item or like to rock softer, fainter eyeshadow colors, this will be right up your alley.