The HudaBeauty x Tweezerman Collab Will Be Your Brow BFF

After weeks of teasing a collab that isn't makeup, Huda Kattan of HudaBeauty confirmed her partnership with Tweezerman tweezers! Tweezers? Yep! The beauty influencer always has the most beautifully groomed brows, so it's a no brainer for her to team up with a brow tool brand.

The HudaBeauty x Tweezerman collection is coming on Jul. 10 via and will also be available at Sephora stores in July. So that's something to look forward to. So what's in the #TweezermanXHudaBeauty Collection?

Well, the brand Instagrammed a shot of Kattan wearing a soft pink floral outfit, with a pair of soft pink Tweezermans in her hand. It's a pretty, millennial pink shade, because of course it is.

The collection could feature several graphic print pairs of tweezers as well as other brow tools. Kattan also proclaimed that she is a Tweezerman loyalist, having used the brand's products for 15 years. She also revealed that this collab has been a year in the making, so a lot of time and care was invested in it.

Your best bet is to sign up for updates via the Tweeezerman site. Just head over, enter your email, and you will be in the know when more details become available. This collection will totally eliminate some of the tediousness of having to groom your brows!

We've only been granted a look at the pluckers in Kattan's hand so far.

She certainly rocks power brows. Anyone who has ever had a brow plucking malfunction aka overplucking knows that the right tweezers with the right angle, sharpness, and grip are imperative for shaping brows or even yanking our errant strays. Tweezermans are the gold standard.

Even if you get your brows threaded or waxed, you still need a trusty pair of tweezers in your arsenal for touch ups.

Courtesy of Tweezerman

I am anxious to see the full scope of this collection, if there are other tools or what the Huda-branded and/or Huda-designed tools will look like.

Courtesy of Tweezerman

These tools will no doubt be your brow BFFs.

Kattan's excitement about the partnership is radiating from the image and its caption.