Joey King Hasn't Given Up On A 'Kissing Booth' Sequel

Marcos Cruz/Netflix

Netflix is single-handedly trying to bring back the age of romantic comedies and so far it's succeeding with flying colors. From To All The Boys I've Loved Before to The Kissing Booth, there's plenty of swoon-worthy material to be streamed. So now that it's been confirmed To All The Boys is getting a follow-up movie, it's only natural to start wondering whether or not a Kissing Booth sequel could still happen as well. The option is still a very big possibility, especially if the main star Joey King has anything to say about it.

"Right now, we're not really sure," King told TV Guide at the Television Critics Association winter press tour on Monday, Feb. 11, when asked if she had any insight into the project's future. "[The cast] would love for that to happen, but everything is still up in the air. We're still waiting on [Netflix]." So basically, she's more than ready to reprise her role as Elle. It's just a question as to whether or not the streaming giant wants to make it happen any time in the near near future. Considering that Netflix president Ted Sarandos claimed The Kissing Booth is "one of the most watched movies in the world right now," during an interview with Deadline back in May 2018, you'd think a sequel would be a given. So what exactly is the hold up?

Marcos Cruz/Netflix

As of now, Netflix is remaining mum about its plans for the movie, so for the time being all we as viewers can do is sit back and wait to see what happens. Luckily, King is making a habit of voicing her desire to return to the franchise as often as possible. In June 2018, King told Seventeen:

"Of course, I would love to work with everyone again. If the opportunity arose, who knows, right? Something could happen. Something might. I don’t know. If there was a sequel, I have no idea."

Even author Beth Reekles, who wrote the book upon which the movie is based, is hopeful that this won't be the end to Elle's journey. "I'd love there to be, but who knows?" Reekles told The New York Times during an interview last July. "I know all the fans of the movie and the book would like one."

As for what the sequel could center around, it's possible the creators could draw inspiration from Reekles' companion novella The Beach House, which takes place during the summer before Noah goes off to college. That's not exactly where the movie left off, so the plot may need to be adjusted a little to make it work, but there are definitely aspects of the story that could be incorporated into any potential sequel.

Marcos Cruz/Netflix

In the meantime, though, King is definitely keeping herself busy these days, starring in Hulu's The Act as Gypsy Rose alongside Patricia Arquette, who plays her mother Dee Dee Blanchard. The show is lated to premiere on March 20. Let's hope by then we have a little more insight into The Kissing Booth's fate.