The Video Of This Little Girl Dropping The F Bomb Over A 'My Little Pony' Movie Is ICONIC


Back in the days of my youth, the ultimate Saturday night activity was going to Blockbuster to pick out a rental video. A new movie beheld untold treasures, and since I didn't own it, I hadn't already burned out the tape by rewinding it too much. (Remember tapes? Remember rewinding? We are dying by the minute.) So, I understand the excitement harbored by one little girl, whose sheer joy upon renting a new My Little Pony film was infinitely more emotive than that exhibited by any Merchant Ivory film. Hang onto that elation, little girl. Adulthood is much darker.

As reported by Mashable, the adorable video was courtesy of a Redditor, who posted it to YouTube and Reddit this week. The video, titled, "$3 date night with Julianna, clearly worth it," shows their five-year-old daughter (whose name, I assume is Julianna) FREAKING OUT over the My Little Pony rental. Her exultation is understandable: it is the MERMAID My Little Pony film, after all.

"For a minute I thought this was the brand new X-Box My Little Pony movie," Julianna says. "BUT NO. THIS. IS. THE. MERMAID. My Little Pony one," she adds.

"I even said the F-word, this is so awesome," she says. Awww. I hope that word was freaking.

Here's the video:

It's hard to tell exactly which My Little Pony iteration has inspired such joy in Julianna, as the series has such an extensive collection, but because this one has mermaids, it's likely Julianna has been temporarily gifted with My Little Pony: The Movie. That animated musical film was released in 2017, and features the voice talents of Kristin Chenowith, Emily Blunt, Liev Shreiber, Sia, and Uzo Aduba, to name a few.

Though the film starts off on land, according to Wikipedia, the ponies do eventually find themselves in the undersea city of Seaquestria, where they meet a slew of seaponies (whom, in the above video, Jualianna misidentifies as "mermaids"). Interestingly, the seaponies refer to themselves as "hippogriffs," ostensibly in an effort to introduce young viewers to Greek mythology even before they're ready to read the Harry Potter books. A doubly confusing situation here is that hippogriffs are not actually adorable, big-eyed seaponies but, rather, are frightening (if well-meaning) half-eagle, half-horse hybrids, so things will be weird for the next generation of children when they meet Buckbeak. But that's a problem for another day.

Meanwhile, Juliana's enthusiasm when faced with her DVD rental went unsurprisingly viral, with Redditors and YouTube commenters taking solace in the sight of such unbridled happiness. "I'm not one to be affected by videos like this but holy f*ck this girl is so f*cking cute," one YouTube commenter, obviously emboldened by Julianna's own admission of using the F word, wrote. "Awww she's so cute and so excited, what a blessing ! Made me tear up a bit not gonna lie," another wrote.

Others appeared rueful that they were unable to feel the same intensity of emotion as Julianna. "I got excited once. Gave me a headache. Then it turned out things aren't even exciting. It was all for nothing," one wrote. Another added, "Ah yes, happiness. I tried that once, was awful." This, in fact, is fairly emblematic of the Internet commenting community.

The fact is, as you get older, it's hard to feel undiluted joy. When I was a child, I remember nothing felt as good as getting a new outfit for my American Girl doll. The sight of that classic white box with a red American Girl ribbon sent me into an upward happiness spiral. Now, I am 28, my Samantha doll is missing an arm, and the last time I thought I experienced joy, it was just gas. Adulting sucks.