'90s Babies, Can You Handle The New Spicy Icee?

by Nia Decaille

If the word Icee doesn't bring you back to awkward movie dates, baggy clothing, Britney Spears, rainbow chokers, and an assortment of really well done TV scores, you probably weren't born in the '90s. But it's OK, you might just get to imagine what the glory days might have been like once you try Icee's sweet and spicy new flavor, mango chili lime. The debut of this flavor won't be available until autumn, but it can't hurt to assemble a pro and con list that will save you a little time when the time comes. So what exactly do we know about this new flavor everyone's whispering about?

Well, first, Icee will be releasing a few new flavors along with its mango chili lime flavor just in time to celebrate its 50th anniversary. What better way to celebrate an ICEEversay than a few new flavors to sample! POPSUGAR recommended that you pair the mango chili lime with your popcorn, describing this new flavor as "intense, in a good way." This is also very reassuring if the thought of anything spicy makes your eyes water. Like any sweet n' fiery mix, this can play a bit of a hoax on your tastebuds. While the perfect balance is ideal, sometimes the flavors can be delayed or lack the timing needed to hit that sweet spot. Like with any food, there will be polarization based on your preference, and that's OK. The best advice here is to keep an open mind and maybe skip the spicy if you intend on ending that date with a little intimacy with someone weak-tongued.

But there are other fun flavors to look forward to if you don't think mango chili lime will hit the spot. Other flavors on the horizon include Fanta Sour Grape, Laffy Taffy, Dragon Fruit, Mango Strawberry, Lemonade, and Strawberry Lemonade. Yes, you heard that right. Laffy Taffy will be available in a liquid icy form that you can suck through a straw. And yes, you will have to contain yourself until the fall.

You won't have to wait to get in on at least one of these interesting flavors because Dragon Fruit is already available. After releasing 150 flavors — Buttered Popcorn being the weirdest — get ready to taste test on a warm day at your local mall, movie theater, or convenience store. If adventure isn't your thing, stick to the following flavors voted most popular according to Icee: Coca Cola, Blue Raspberry, and Cherry.