The Clintons Hung A Painting Of Bill Clinton Playing With Balloons In Their Home

Aaron P. Bernstein/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Who can forget the childlike joy of Bill Clinton playing with balloons at the Democratic National Convention in 2016? Immediately following the Hillary speech that closed out the DNC, large red, white, and blue balloons filled the stage, and no-one — I mean no-one — was quite as stoked as Bill. In her new memoir What Happened, Hillary reveals that she and Bill actually have a painting of that moment hanging in their Chappaqua home.

Describing the Thanksgiving in the days before her crushing election defeat, Hillary Clinton wrote: "Over the fireplace, I hung a vintage suffragette banner that Marc had given me that declared "Votes for Women." In the family room, we put up a colorful painting of the balloon drop at the Democratic National Convention. Bill and I had both gotten a kick out of those balloons, Bill especially. A memory of happier times."

Of the entire 2016 election, perhaps there was no moment so sweetly GIF-able than former president — and, to many people's minds, soon-to-be First Gentleman — Bill Clinton enjoying the balloons that bounced around the Democratic National Convention stage. Seriously: Take a look at this moment and tell me that you have ever seen a purer kind of joy. I dare ya.

He loved them.

Balloons! For! Days!

Woohoo! It's balloon time!

Honestly, you would have thought Bill had never seen or heard about these amusing things named balloons until now.


"What is this magical bouncy object?"

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I don't even know Bill Clinton personally, and I want a custom-made painting of him embracing balloons hanging in my living room.