There's A Pizza Museum Opening Soon & The Details Sound Like A DREAM

by Callie Tansill-Suddath

Tired of all the old tourist attractions you've been visiting in New York City since you were born? Have you been to all the classics like the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty, and Central Park? What about the ~modern~ classics like The High Line and The Big Gay Ice Cream Shop? Plus how many times can you really see the same pieces of artwork at the MoMA or The Met? But, don't cancel your upcoming vacation yet; The newest game-changing attraction about to open in the Big Apple is a Museum of Pizza.

Nameless Network, a video production company based in the city, is opening the pop-up museum for two weeks later this fall. According to Eater, the forthcoming pizza museum is just the latest endeavor billed as a museum that markets to a hyper Instagram-focused market.

According to the museum's website, the inspiration for such an exhibit is rooted in a deep love for the dish. "Pizza is the undisputed, democratically-elected champion of food. The snackable luxury whose appeal is universal. Like a best friend, pizza is fun, reliable, consistent, flexible and unselfish. Always here for us when we’re hungry, happy, hurried or hungover. Pizza does not judge; it is always for the people, by the people - and that’s why we love it."

The museum is anything but a one-dimesional excursion. Among the notable features offered by the Museum of Pizza are an art gallery (naturally), a Pizza cave, a Pizza fun house, a Pizza beach, a The interactive history (and untold story) of Pizza, something the website calls"Pizza Zen," The official #MoPi Pizza Films screening room and media lab, and of course, pizza games.

"When we thought about an artistic tribute to pizza," the website notes, "...we thought about all five senses. We thought about feelings like 'love,' 'joy' and 'glee.' We even thought of a few other things that might be a little weird to admit or type here so we just won't go there." Feeling overwhelmed? You are more than likely not the only one, as the website suggests you may want to sit down to take it all in.

The Museum of Pizza is not the first snack-themed pop-up museum to grace the streets of New York in recent memory. you may recall last year's Museum of Ice Cream that took the internet by storm, and forever changed the way in which contemporary culture views the concept of a museum.

Open for a mere four weeks last summer, according to Wired, the museum sold all of its 300,000 tickets within five days of opening. Some of the highlights of the Museum of Ice Cream included large ice cream cones swinging from the ceiling, a giant ice cream sandwich swing, and a sprinkle pool. Its Instagram account has 380,000 followers, and the #museumoficecream hashtag has been paired with almost 150,000 photos. The museum has since opened locations in San Francisco and Los Angeles; each of which has also sold out of admission tickets.

But few if any museums are more fitting of their setting than the Museum of Pizza. There is not a more quintessential New York food than the cheesy thin crusted pies. But, if you're still feeling uncertain about the idea of visiting a pizza museum, look at it this way: the popup Pizza Museum is like a more photogenic version of those that already exist in Chicago and Philadelphia.

Pre-sale tickets are currently being sold on the museum's website for $35. If the Pizza Museum's dessert-themed predecessor serves as any indication, you may want to snag a few tickets— they'll probably sell out. The exact location of the exhibition will be announced in the coming months.