'A Series Of Unfortunate Events' Gets A Season 2

by Mary Grace Garis

It looks as though the tragic tale of the Baudelaires is going to continue. On Monday, an announcement from Lemony Snicket himself on Twitter revealed A Series of Unfortunate Events has been renewed for Season 2. We've made it happen by ignoring all the warnings to look away, with the message reading, "To my horror, Netflix has been encouraged by this and funneled their ill-gotten gains back into a second season of this unhappy and unnerving series." How pleasant. So now that we know Neil Patrick Harris and the kids are returning for more unpleasantness, the only question left is what should we expect for the second season of A Series of Unfortunate Events?

Well, the first season tackled the first four books of the series, broken into two-parters for an eight episode run. This time around, fans are getting books five through nine, beginning with The Austere Academy and closing with The Carnivorous Carnival. In January, Daniel Handler — the true face behind the Lemony Snicket penname — revealed to Entertainment Weekly that Season 2 is also splitting up the books into ten episodes, so it most likely will be a series of two-parters once again. If more seasons are in store for the show, Handler told EW that they would ideally be done sooner than later. "Given how quickly young actors age and change, we’re trying to film everything as quickly as possible," Handler said at the time.

Beyond that, you may be wondering what should lie in store for the Baudelaires in the upcoming season. Well, in case you don't feel like dusting off the novels, the next book introduced the Quagmire triplets (well, the two Quagmire triplets) who have already been teased at the end of the first season. They're a small delight if only because their friendship gives the Baudelaires a small respite from their misery... and unveils a few more clues about what really happened to their parents. However, the orphan solidarity is cut short, and we're next introduced to Esmé Squalor, the trend-obsessed "city's sixth most important financial advisor" and a massive threat to the Baudelaire children... but, I won't say more if you retired sometime before the Ersatz Elevator.

There are even some clues in a You Tube video, titled "A Miserable Message" posted by Netflix, which Harris also tweeted.

In short, the lives of the Baudelaires are about to get far more complicated, but definitely much more interesting.

The announcement closes with "I hope you're happy. Because you won't be, ever again." Trust us, we're very happy, unfortunate as this timeless story may seem.