You Can Buy A Shot Glass Shaped Like The Leg Lamp From 'A Christmas Story'

by Mia Mercado

‘Tis the season for holiday movies, feeling warm and fuzzy from the festive spirit, and feeling warm and fuzzy off of the drinks made with festive spirits. This holiday season, when your uncle is about to go on a political tirade, and you slip away to take an obligatory shot of vodka, will you be drinking from a regular, old shot glass? Or will you elevate your drinking game to new, Christmassy levels with this A Christmas Story Leg Lamp shot glass? It’s the second one, right?

For $12.99 on Amazon (which includes shipping), you could be the proud owner of a 2 oz. acrylic shot glass shaped like the leg lamp from A Christmas Story. Is it cute? Is it creepy? Is it the exact kind of Christmas consumerism you’re going to indulge in? Why not all three!

Get it for a friend who is very into nostalgic Christmas movies. Get it for a White Elephant party. Get it for yourself as a congratulations for making it through this year. Bonus points if you use the shot glass to pour a bit of Bailey’s into your cocoa, which you are most certainly drinking from this A Christmas Story mug. ‘Tis the season, after all!

If Amazon isn’t your thing, Spencer’s is selling an identical shot glass for $6.99. If buying something from Spencer’s gives you flashbacks to middle school mall trips, Kohl’s is selling a two-pack of the leg lamp shot glasses online for $17.99. So, you and your favorite cousin can cheers, in a festive way, before trying to drink away your offensive relatives.

So, now you’ve got your leg lamp shot glass, and you’re asking, “Now what?” Well, my friend, the possibilities are endless. Use it as a conversation piece to distract your relative who just asked you why you haven’t moved closer home yet. Put it next to the actual pile of shoes and see how long it takes for someone to notice. Better yet, use it as a totem in your own, personal holiday drinking game

Fill your leg lamp shot glass (perhaps of mulled wine or a seasonal beer, to sip a little more responsibly) and take a shot every time:

  • A relative asks why you’re single
  • A relative asks why your partner isn’t there
  • A relative asks why you don’t have kids
  • “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” comes on
  • Someone complains about “PC culture”
  • A relative asks why you don’t want kids
  • The same person asks you to explain your job more than once
  • A relative is like “okay you’ll change your mind about kids in a few years”

If someone says “mistletoe,” pour your drink into this 18 oz. leg A Christmas Story lamp glass and down the whole thing.

Want to get real weird and over the top with it? Of course you do! It is the holiday season. Why not go full out and buy a pink bunny suit like the one Ralphie wears in A Christmas Story? You can get one on Amazon for $99.99. There's a significantly cheaper one at Walmart for $33.39. There's an even cheaper on at Target, but it kind of looks more like Peppa Pig than the pink bunny.

Regardless of which suit you use, your aesthetic will truly be complete with the leg lamp shot glass. That way you can look like a tipsy, adult Ralphie you've always known yourself to be at your family gathering. Plus, that would inevitably distract everyone else from asking any personal questions, right? If nothing else, your relatives will just be like “it seems you’ve got a lot on your plate right now” and leave you alone entirely. Happy holidays to one and all!