Bikini Bottom Fans: You HAVE To See These SpongeBob Squarepants x Timberland Boots

Courtesy of Timberland

Your favorite underwater sponge is coming for your fall and winter shoe collection so that you can rock all of Bikini Bottom throughout the fall and winter. Timberland is launching a SpongeBob Squarepants collection, and everything is so SB-approved, you’ll let out a dolphin squeal when you see these pieces.

In celebration of SpongeBob Squarepants’ 20th anniversary, Timberland is launching a limited-edition collection of boots (offers sizes 6.5 medium/wide to 18 medium/wide) and apparel to bring any fall look to life with nothing but aquatic feels. After the drop of the SpongeBob x Kyrie collection in August with various characters representing Kyrie Irving's Nike sneaker, the Timberland brand is now offering up two different SpongeBob-inspired designs —which have the memorable most creatures printed on the brand’s iconic six-inch Waterproof Boots.

In addition to the sweet SB kicks to keep your toes armored for fall, you can also dive into a series of the collection’s apparel items (offers unisex sizes S-XXL). There’s a selection of graphic SpongeBob-covered jackets, hoodies, and short and long-sleeved tee options to complete your full-on fan look.

You can shop the SpongeBob x Timberland Collection beginning Sep. 13. The line’s apparel items will range between $36-$130 in select stores nationwide. However, both pairs of boots in the collection will retail for $220 each in Timberland stores as well as online at

Here’s everything you can expect in this underwater-approved collection.

Courtesy of Timberland

Depending on your style you can go for these bright blue Tims or a classic all black pair. Either one you decide on is made special with the most amazing SpongeBob details. On the pair of bright ocean blue boots, you'll find SpongeBob trying to catch jellyfish, while the inside of the left boot shows Patrick Star running for his life in Jellyfish Fields and away from attacking jellyfish.

The black pair of boots, albeit a little more subtle, are just as decorative as the blue ones. This pair transforms the Timberland logo into a Krabby Patty that Plankton is trying to steal yet again. SpongeBob can be found on the tongue of the boots with the SpongeBob Squarepants logo printed on the laces.

Courtesy of Timberland

Timberland includes apparel pieces in the collection that makes wearing a yellow sponge look like a streetwear dream. The long-sleeved shirt features the iconic television show's logo with a picture of SpongeBob peeping out of the breast pocket.

A much bigger print of the famous character's face is blown up on one of the shirts, but the inside of the collar may be the most truly stunning part — there are even sketch details of Gary the snail and Patrick Star

The only short-sleeved tee is secretly the coolest. It's printed with dark outlines of Gary, SpongeBob's pineapple, The Chum Bucket, and other small details from Bikini Bottom.

Courtesy of Timberland

If you grew up watching SpongeBob Squarepants, then there's no doubt this collection will bring back all sorts of "F.U.N." memories for you. Plus, rocking an iconic character on this iconic boot is kind of a no-brainer for fans of fun fashion.