This Video Of A Couple Proposing To Each Other At The Exact Same Time Will Give You So Many Feels

Generally when someone proposes to their significant other, the best answer they can hope for is "Yes." But one couple from Tennessee found an even better answer: "You too?" The couple, Becky McCabe and Jessa Gillaspie had returned to the Memphis Zoo, the site of their first date, ostensibly to hang out with friends, in Memphis, Tennessee. In a video of the unintentional double proposal captured by said friends, McCabe kicks things off, dropping to one knee. For a moment, it seems like Gillaspie, who gasps and puts her hands over her mouth, is having an adorable, though pretty typical, response to being proposed to... until she rushes to get her bag, and pulls out a ring box, too. And yes, they've given the internet all the feels.

"I had no idea she planned to propose, and she had no idea I planned to propose to her!" Gillaspie wrote in a Facebook post about the night. "We were both so surprised!!!! We were surrounded by our friends and had the most amazing night. I am the luckiest girl in the world to be able to call her my fiancé [sic]."

After the post went viral (it currently has more than 12,000 shares and 16,000 reactions), Gillaspie added an update, saying, "We had no idea this would blow up so quickly! But I can't say I'm not thrilled, because all I've ever wanted was for Beck and the world to know how much I love her. We are overwhelmed with all of the positive responses. Really, you guys have no idea how much that means to us!"

The couple's dual proposal ended in lots of happy laughter — and two "yeses," of course, after the shock of having planned the same proposal wore off. CBS News reported that they plan to get married next summer, and judging by how in sync they were in this video, wedding planning is going to be a dream.

McCabe and Gillaspie (who, BTW, have truly outdone everyone by hashtagging themselves as "#TheMcBabes") are not the first queer couple to bless 2018 with an accidental dual proposal. In February, Texas couple Tori and her girlfriend Berkley (quoted by first name only) both planned to propose during a visit to Berkley's extended family, Tori told BBC Newsbeat. Tori had been plotting her proposal with Berkley's mother, and started to pop the question during a game of Pictionary by drawing a proposal — only for Berkley to go down on one knee with a ring box in hand. The couple's proposal video also went viral, garnering more than 74,000 likes on Twitter.

Tori told the BBC that her family had had "a difficult time accepting the situation" with her dating Berkley, but that Berkley's family members "are our biggest supporters."

"When I said to Berkley's mum, 'I may've stumbled into a jewellery [sic] shop and bought a ring for your daughter', her response was, 'this is meant to be,'" Tori explained. She told the BBC she and Berkley plan to tie the knot in September 2019.

One commenter on a CBS News tweet about their proposal wrote, "Visibility is everything — the fact that a major news source distributed this is so important for young people everywhere to see. So beautiful."

And it's true; knowing that multiple queer couples have gone viral this year for their cute proposals is the definition of heartwarming. As part of a queer couple who married in Canada because my home state didn't yet allow same-sex marriage, it gives me serious, serious joy to see people like McCabe, Gillaspie, Tori, and Berkley celebrating their relationships and planning their weddings. Mazel tov, everyone.