You Can Ride In A ‘Toy Story’-Themed PLANE & The Pictures Will Melt Your Nostalgic Heart

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Buzz Lightyear once declared, "to infinity and beyond!" And now you can actually do that with Buzz. At least if you consider Shanghai to Beijing, China infinity and beyond. A Toy Story-themed plane will fly to Shanghai's Disneyland. The Chinese Eastern Airlines airbus has gotten a magical makeover in celebration of Shanghai Disneyland's new Disney-Pixar Toy Story Land.

Have you ever fantasized about living in a Disney-themed world? That's what the theme park is for! Your instantly transported to the very streets featured in your favorite movies. And now, if you've ever imagined your toys to talk, you can now indulge in the fantasy on your next trip to a Disneyland. And it can all start in the air. So leave your own stuffed animals to socialize at home and hop on board the Toy Story express.

While the plane is only flying between Shanghai's Hongqiao International Airport and Beijing, the Disney Parks Blog is reporting that service to and from Shanghai and other Chinese cities are being planned for the future. Jetting from one city to the next surrounded by your favorite Disney characters will make you feel like it certainly is a small world, after all.

Disney Parks Blog

Disney knows how to add ~experiences~ to their parks. You can join the Force and get your Jedi training on at Disney World in Orlando, Florida. In the same park you can dine in France and Italy in a single evening thanks to the magical reimagining of Epcot. And now, as of April 2018, guests at Shanghai's Disneyland park get to enjoy the wonders of talking toys at Toy Story Land.

Disney Parks Blog

According to Disney Parks Blog, "Woody, Buzz and their Toy Story pals come to life and play in this fully immersive land, which features three new attractions: Slinky Dog Spin, Rex’s Racer and Woody’s Roundup. Guests can also interact with their favorite characters at Meeting Post, shop at Al’s Toy Barn and dine at the Toy Box Café." At the park you'll also be able to rest your head in a totally Toy Story-themed hotel. Don't worry, if you're based in the United States with no plans on international travel, Disney World's Hollywood Studios in Orlando will be treated to a Toy Story Land as soon as June 30 of this year. But there's no word yet if any U.S. airline will follow in the footsteps of Chinese Eastern Airlines and deck their planes out on theme with Toy Story.

If you're planning on going to the themed park, why not take off with Buzz Lightyear and fly with Woody et al.? Travelers from Beijing to Shanghai's Hongqiao International Airport will enjoy a terminal of surprises. The Disney Parks Blog reads, "[travelers] will spot favorite Toy Story characters in the departure terminal before take-off and receive a commemorative boarding pass as part of the new flight experience." Upon landing in Shanghai, you'll want to head straight to the park for more of the fun.

The sky blue painted plane may not actually be captained by Buzz himself, but the character is in take off position to assist passengers on their soaring journey towards the park. On board, travelers will be greeted by a light blue interior complete with Pixar perfect clouds. Seats are draped with character bibs so your seat mate is bound to be a familiar face. You could be sitting with Woody himself or taking in the views at high altitudes with Mr. Potato Head. If you're going to travel to Shanghai Disneyland's Toy Story Land, you might as well do so ~on brand~ and ~in style~.