Selena Quintanilla's Is Getting A TV Show

by Amy Roberts

If you're one of the many millions who still regard themselves as an ardent fan of the singer, then the news that a TV show about Selena Quintanilla's life is being made may just be the best news ever. Disney Media Distribution Latin America, BTF Media, and Moconoco y Latin WE have made the announcement that they are producing the TV series, based on the best selling book El Secreto de Selena by María Celeste Arrarás. Described by the journalist and author as being, "the revealing story behind [Selena's] tragic death," Arras also explained that she was waiting for the right team with which to tastefully bring the story to life:

This real story of our beloved Selena has all of the ingredients of a telenovela: lies, love, betrayal, suspense and a lot more. It is a controversial story, but it is also a real story that is handled with the utmost respect for her memory.

In 1995, fans of the singer were understandably shaken by the news that Selena was tragically murdered at age 23 by Yolanda Saldivar — the president of the singer's fan club. Though the circumstances of her death were devastatingly shocking, Selena's tremendous legacy as one of the most important and influential Latin-American singers of all time has remained a monumental part of pop cultural history.

Selena wasn't just an everyday pop icon; she was truly groundbreaking. As a female artist performing songs within the male dominated genre of Tejano music, she faced repeated criticism and was even allegedly refused bookings due to her gender.

However, her perseverance grew into popularity, and, by 1986 (six years after she first debuted onto the music scene), she won the first of nine consecutive Best Female Vocalist Of The Year honor at the Tejano Music Awards. Then, in 1993, her album Live! became the first Tejano recording to win a Grammy Award, which she received for Best Mexican/American Album.

With subsequent stellar success not just as a female Tejano musical artist, but also as a Latin recording artist, Selena managed to push the genre into the mainstream and score best selling albums in the U.S. She was a musical and cultural trailblazer, who rebelled against the stereotypical confines of her gender and culture to share her music and celebrate every facet of who she was with the utmost pride.

Selena was dynamic and fearless. She was an incredibly talented artist and she was an absolute inspiration. Which is why I truly hope that this TV show doesn't allow for her death to ultimately overshadow the immense value of her legacy. Selena's impressive career and illustrious life makes for a stronger and more important story than one just regarding the details of her death ever could.