A Twitter User Found A Vintage Doll With A Moving Face & The Internet Thinks It’s Haunted


I have generally always had a hatred-fear of dolls. Even when I was a kid, I would take a cuddly stuffed animal over a creepy, small, humanoid piece of plastic any day. The film industry doesn't help at all, with haunted doll movies like Annabelle, The Boy, and every single Chucky rendition coming out what seems like all the time. Some of them aren't that scary looking (think Barbies or Bratz dolls), but others are just plain unsettling —especially when you rediscover a potentially haunted childhood doll from 20 years ago when you're an adult.

Twitter user @GammaCounter took to social media to share a creepy video that will probably give you full-body chills. "My wife found her childhood doll amongst a bunch of old stuff. Look at the range of emotions it goes through," he tweeted as a caption preceding the (probably haunted) footage. If at first you don't think it seems that bad, just watch until the end — it gets progressively worse. Naturally, the user got a ton of questions about where in the world this eerie-looking doll came from. "She called it Gilly, though not sure if it was the actual name, or just what she called it. Bought around 1975. Copyright 1972, Mattel, made in Mexico. I don't know any more!" he explained. 1975? Nice to know that Gilly has had 43 years to work on her haunting skills and chilling facial expressions.

According to a Twitter user named Diane who responded to the original video, the doll is likely from a line called the "Saucy Expressions Doll" released by Mattel, Inc. (the same company that produces Barbie dolls — nice to know they've come to their senses since the '70s) in 1972. WhenItWasCool explains that the doll went for $13.99 in the early '70s, which is roughly equivalent to $80 today. I genuinely want to know who thought splurging on this doll — out of everything you could possibly buy — was a good idea. For the record, someone is trying to sell a Saucy Expressions Doll on eBay right now for $450. I don't even have words. Just spend $30 at a haunted house if you want to pay to be terrified.

The saga isn't over yet. In fact, it keeps going downhill. In response to a commenter who told @GammaCounter to immediately destroy the toy (with fire), they replied:

Oh, no. Nope, nope, nope. My thoughts can only be summed up through the following:

Hope for the best, indeed. This is a picture-perfect horror movie premise — in fact, this exact plot line has probably already been released before. This Twitter user's daughter is apparently much braver than I am, because I stand firmly by my anti-doll opinion. Now I can't the image of Creepy Sid, the bald doll head on a mechanical spider body, from Toy Story out of my mind. I think this is gonna be a sleep-with-the-lights on kind of night. If you ever find a Saucy Expressions Doll somewhere in the nooks and crannies of your house, please do the world a favor and throw it far, far away.