A Two-Year-Old Spotted Something "Spooky" In Her House & Now Everyone Says It's Time For Her Family To Move

Ghosts are real. This is an indisputable fact, proven time and time again by the fact that I can never find my sweaters where I thought I left them, since the ghost that lives in my apartment is particularly partial to Madewell. But ghosts tend to shy away from adults, who attribute inexplicable phenomena to "science," and only the truly enlightened know the creepy moving shadows can't possibly be rationalized away. Take one two-year-old, who was caught on camera spotting something "spooky" in her parents' house. It was definitely a Spirit, and her parents should move, lest all of their sweaters disappear, too.

As reported by BuzzFeed, Alabama resident Ryan Dalton, 37, was hanging with his two-year-old daughter Maya recently in the home they share with Dalton's wife and Maya's mom, Raniece. Maya was eating an open-faced peanut butter sandwich, as one does, and since everything a toddler does is adorable — particularly, in fact, sandwich-eating — Dalton decided to film her. Everything was going hunky dory until something to Maya's right caught her eye. She suddenly stopped, her sweet little toddler smile fell, and she tried to scuttle to the side in her chair. "Spooky," Maya said, pointing to nothing. "That's spooky." OH MY GOD, WHAT.

The tweet quickly went viral, prompting Dalton to point out that he hadn't seen anything in the direction Maya was pointing in. "It was still very early and the sun wasn’t up, so the sitting room (that she was pointing at) was very dark," Dalton told BuzzFeed.

The dark is where the ghosts live. My grandparents live in an old house, and I've woken up many times to find an odd shape standing over my bed. It could be a trick of the light, of course, but it's definitely a ghost, and you will not convince me otherwise. Children and dogs are notoriously extra-sensitive to the spiritual world, hence why Maya spotted IRL Casper and Dalton did not.

Anyway, some folks on Twitter are telling the Daltons to get the heck out. "Her whole vibe changed and she moved over. Y'all need to burn that house down," one person tweeted. "Pray over your house to the Lord. That baby definitely saw a demon," another person wrote. Observers also noticed that while Maya seems giggly when she first sees the Spirit, her expression sours quickly, suggesting she had a Dana Opens the Ghostbusters Refrigerator moment. "[W]hat if it was pretending to be nice and sweet then like turned into something horrific and that's when she was like 'look now,'" someone wrote. UGH MEAN GHOST WHY.

Some people shared stories about their own experiences with children and the surreal. "I was baby sitting once and this kid was waving at something behind me, i asked who she was saying hi to and she pointed to the lamp behind me, I looked at it and it just started flickering. I picked the baby up, went outside,and stayed in my car," one woman wrote.

Dalton himself says he suspects Maya did see something ethereal in the house, though it doesn't appear the family will flee anytime soon (which is fine, most places are haunted anyway.) "I myself was quite sensitive to the unseen for most of my childhood — not in any kind of overt Sixth Sense kind of way, but I could just often feel things and was sensitive to the supernatural," he told BuzzFeed.

What's even scarier than the house ghost, though, is how completely adorable Dalton's children are — he often shares photos of Maya and her equally cute sibling, Teige, who has the most rocking baby hair I've ever seen:

Ghosts are no match for these babies.