A Video Of A Dog Waking Himself Up With His Own Snores Is Pretty Much The Cutest Thing On The Internet Right Now

Leon Neal/Getty Images News/Getty Images

You don't have to be a dog to understand the beauty of a deep snooze. At least, that seems to be the case with the internet's current love affair with this video of a dog waking himself up with his own snores — because, honestly, same. It's not like you have to be a dog person to relate to a doggo's appreciation for slumber. After a long day of work, or a hard day on the couch watching re-runs of your favorite show, or a really ruff day going on a long run and then hanging in the pantry eating treats — I mean snacks — all you want to do is lounge around. You might even fall asleep. So hard, in fact, that your snores are as loud as your morning's alarm clock.

That's the case with this pup named Moose, the internet's latest mascot and center of adoration. We can all relate to Moose's state of being. He appears to be passed out on a heap of pillows and unapologetically, almost blissfully, snoring a song of sleep. All with a camera pointed in his direction.

I can happily explain this entire nine-second video to you in the detail of a film major, but I'll spare you the academics and let you watch the video for yourself, posted by Moose's doggy-parent and Twitter user lex.

Moose, according to lex's Twitter, pit bull/golden retriever mix, which apparently equals the kind of heart achingly cute that makes your voice climb a few octaves. The video, posted on Mar. 15, already has accumulated 1.4 million views — because cats aren't the internet's only shining star. It's been retweeted 51,000 times and liked over 114,000 times. Because it's a gosh darn sweet doggo moment we all deserve. At least Twitter thinks so, as its collective heart has melted.

Moose's startling jolt awake caused by the honk of his own snore has amassed a flood of compassionate replies. Twitter user des. says, "not to be dramatic but i would die for Moose." To which I would totally reply with the "praise hands" emoji because, same. When one user asked if this was a candid moment miraculously caught on camera or a common occurrence, lex responded that "he does it all the time." Let us all join in a sigh that could ~break~ the internet.

We all know what it's like to be woken up by surprise. There's a moment of innocence and confusion that's nothing short of hilarious. In fact, some people in response to the video have poked fun at themselves for having had the same human experience. One Twitter user asks a friend why this isn't funny when he does it, and receives the response, "Wakes the whole house up that's why." And we thank you for your humble, hilarious honesty. But, there's no question, when this awoken-by-own-snore thing is observed in a dog, it's another level of hilarious and sweet.

The excitement of this whole ordeal doesn't end at human to dog relation. Maybe the best thing from this viral thread is that many people are sharing videos of their dogs snoozing and snoring. If we can get this to be a trend, nay, a viral sensation, I know that at least I would really appreciate it.

Even if you're a cat person you can find the joy and relation to this pit/golden retriever mix. Moose has brought a lot of light to the internet and for that, we are totally grateful for the snores and the laughs. We sincerely hope that Moose never changes, and if he does it's only that he can sleep a little more ~soundly~.