A Woman Got Married In The Polka Dot Zara Dress For The Most Relatable Reason


Sometimes there are certain iconic high street pieces that reach such levels of infamy, it's difficult to remember what life was life before they existed. One such piece is the bestselling and beloved Zara spotty dress, which has sold out and been restocked more times than I (and I'm sure the brand) can even remember. This summer it's been hard to walk down any street, in any given location, without spotting someone in the season's hottest dress. And now, it's become so popular that a woman got married in THAT Zara dress. Woweee.

Yep, that's right, wedding dress shops are surely soon to go out of business as brides-to-be realise they absolutely can wear their favourite monochrome design on any given day of the year, including their big day. Just take Gulnaz Khusneeva, for example, who did just that, opting to forgo the traditional white gown in favour 2019's favourite high street dotty dress.

The bride, who hails from Kazan, Russia, married her partner Azat in May 2019, decided she wanted to keep things low key and wear something she already owned.

“I’m a hard working person and I didn’t care about our wedding,” she told HuffPost UK. “I thought, ‘it’s just a formality’ – we had lived together four years and it was just for our baby. I wasn’t going to buy a special dress, just wear something old of my own.”

However, shortly before her wedding, Khusneeva's sister stepped in and kindly bought this dotty number for her, and the rest, as they say, was history.

“She forbade me to go to the registry office in an old dress and bought me a new dress the day before our wedding,” explains Khusneeva.

So the bride wore Zara, and was surrounded by an intimate number of friends and family (25 guests in total attended). And by the sounds of things, the dress served its purpose purposefully!

“I felt happy," the bride joyfully explained. "I didn’t need anything else: my husband, my close friends and my perfect wedding dress."

And it turns out, while the dress is a huge hit over here in the UK, it's not as well known over in Russia. In fact, Khusneeva and her sister had absolutely no idea of its icon status.

She explains: “I found out about it three months after the wedding, when my other sister sent me link to Instagram and asked me: ‘Is this your wedding dress?’”

The Instagram account in question, was of course the page that is completely dedicated to the spotty number. Yes, there is an actual page specifically created in order to cover sightings of the dress.

@hot4thespot has garnered over 21 thousand followers, and features special sightings of the dress on the streets of the UK, as well as memes and other fun stuff, including matching dotty nails, doughnuts and bedding. The world has gone officially dotty!

If you still want to get your hands on the dress, why not opt for the latest version, which features white spots on a black background and launches later this year.