This Woman Was Late To Work Because Her Dog Was Being "Really Cute" & It's TOO Relatable

An employee's punctuality is typically a pretty high priority for bosses — they expect you to be on time for work so you can start the task at hand promptly, and not just roll in whenever you feel like it (although if they do let you do that, NEVER QUIT THAT JOB). Still, sometimes tardiness does happen, thanks to missed alarms, traffic, the insufferable whims of the NYC subway system, etc., and depending on your boss, he or she may or may not be chill with it. But one boss's response to his late employee is so exemplary it's gone viral, and also frankly makes me wish he were my boss (though as a freelancer my boss is me, and I never let myself get away with being late).

As reported by Someecards, Imgur user CainMolir posted a screengrab of a text conversation he had with one of his longtime employees, Jenn. Per imgur, CainMolir noted Jenn, who'd worked for his company for eight years, hadn't been late in six, and in fact had only missed work once during her whole tenure (her son was getting his wisdom teeth out). This week she was a full 11 minutes late — per her texts to CainMolir, her tardiness was due to a worthy distraction, and he responded appropriately. Here's their conversation:

Jenn: Hey, I'm going to be late for work by a few minutes.
CainMolir: Okay. Everything going alright? You're normally on time or early.
Jenn: Yes. My dog was sleeping and looked really cute. I spent some time taking pictures of him instead of getting ready.

**sends adorable photo, which you can see here**

Now, if I'd told any of my old bosses that I was late for work because I was doing a dog photoshoot, at the very least they'd have (via text) rolled their eyes at me, if not straight-up admonished me for my frivolity. But CainMolir isn't like most bosses, and Jenn isn't nearly as lackadaisical an employee as I was once. Indeed, this was his response:

CainMolir: Look at that sweet boy! Take your time. I'll have Miller watch your phones until you get in. Also, Bark at the Park is coming up next month. How about I get you two tickets so you can you the little guy to a baseball game?

Oh my God. So not only did CainMolir not care that Jenn was late (eleven minutes, but still), he actually bought her and her dog tickets to a baseball game. I'm sorry, what company is this, and are they hiring?

Per CainMolir, who titled his Imgur post, "Just trying to be a good boss:"

This lady has been with the company for about 8 years. In my time, she has never been late, called out, etc. She's also a very sweet older lady that the guys in the office call "Mom." Two tickets for the Bark at the Park promotional game coming up will be purchased, and given to her by the end of the day. How could I be upset over that cute pup?! Be nice to each other today!

Of course, while CainMolir's response to Jenn's lateness is perhaps a bit more charitable than a normal boss's, it's also important to remember that Jenn's such a good employee, she's earned the right to an occasional pup nap montage. But if she were, say, showing up an hour and a half late to work every day and then leaving whenever she felt like it, or frequently calling in sick for reasons that seem suspect, I imagine CainMolir would be a little less enthusiastic about that text.