A YouTuber Used A Tampon To Apply Her Foundation & The World Is Not OK — VIDEO

The search for a tool to top the makeup sponge continues. There’s been a silicone applicator, a blender wrapped in a condom, and now even... a tampon used to apply foundation. Seriously. What will people think of next? A YouTuber used a tampon to apply her foundation, and the beauty community is kind of freaking out about it.

Do any of these crazy techniques beat the sponge? That’s up for you to decide — if you’re brave enough to give these methods a try! In the meantime, there are a few pioneering beauty vloggers that are willing to perform the acts we usually can’t bring ourselves to do or have never even thought of doing in the first place. This tampon makeup tutorial serves the perfect example.

Ashleybluedef posted a snippet of her using a tampon to smear on foundation to Instagram and YouTube, and she promises a full tutorial is coming soon. Not only is this just kind of gross to think about, it’s also kind of pricey to start swapping tampons for more traditional application tools, you know? There are several reasons why people are objecting to the idea of using this method online. Many aren’t convinced to leave their tried-and-true sponge behind just yet, and honestly — I can’t say I blame them.

Ashleybluedef on YouTube

She clearly isn't stoked by the idea of giving this odd technique a try, and TBH, neither are the rest of us.

Maria Joy on YouTube

Surprisingly, this isn't the first video of its kind, either. YouTuber Maria Joy used a tampon instead of brushes to apply her makeup (and teach others how to do the same) back in 2016.

Laura Grace on YouTube

In fact, you can find several videos of these types of tutorials online, if you're really interested. Laura Grace suggests trying this out with some of your less expensive products since tampons are known for their absorption, and that seems like a really good idea to me.

Maricela Hernandez on YouTube

Apparently, tampons can be used to apply way more than just foundation. This vlogger did her brows, eye makeup and more, all with the unexpected tool.

1. What Did I Just Watch?

You'll be asking yourself one very important question after watching this.

2. Extra

This is just too much.

3. Be Careful What You Put On Your Face

It's not always a good idea to use any old thing to apply your makeup.

4. Donate Instead

There are definitely better ways to put this product to use.

5. What's Happening, You Guys?

For real. What is going on?

6. Deactivate

It might be time to unplug.

7. Loss For Words


8. About Done

Overall consensus? People seem to be pretty over this whole makeup application Internet sensation stuff. Agreed.

Until the next beauty tool trial...