Adam Driver's Beautiful Words About Carrie Fisher Will Warm Every 'Star Wars' Fan's Heart

It has been a tough couple of weeks for Star Wars fans and Hollywood lovers alike, as the reality sets in more and more that Princess Leia is gone. After Carrie Fisher passed away following a heart attack, the community was reeling and began to honor the woman who always seemed to live her life a little more vivaciously than most. During an appearance on The Last Show for his upcoming film Silence, Fisher's co-star in The Force Awakens Adam Driver shared beautiful words about Fisher that'll leave Star Wars fans with bittersweet emotions.

One thing that can always be said about Fisher is that she always spoke her mind and felt everything to the furthest extent. She spoke passionately, generously, and openly, traits which obviously made a lasting mark on Driver. While the two actors didn't have any scenes together, despite playing mother and son, Driver and Fisher bonded on set and during the following press tour. The mood of the interview got a little somber when Driver told host Stephen Colbert,

In another bittersweet moment, Driver confessed that she completed all of her scenes for the next installment of the franchise, so we will all have one final glimpse of her on screen. He said, "We finished the second one last summer. I think the last time I saw her, actually, was on set, being Princess Leia."

Even though they didn't share many moments, Fisher still made a lasting impact on Driver, which I think says everything about the type of person that she was. His words are also a very real reminder that Carrie Fisher was Princess Leia and a little part of Star Wars left with her. Sure, she was known as so many other brilliant things, but to fans, she'll also be the one and only Leia.