This Black-Owned Brand Was Created Especially For Unapologetically Nerdy Black Girls

In the made up world of imagination where hippogriffs, mermaids, and wands are at the ready, one would think diversity would have a place the mix. As fashion changes and we're seeing more diversity on the runway, one lifestyle brand, Adorned by Chi (offers sizes XS-5XL shirts, varying by style) is making sure Black Girl Magic is appreciated for all its melanated mysticism.

Heavily influenced by anime classics such as Sailor Moon, Adorned by Chi aims to create magical characters and aesthetics in the image and likeness of black women through its apparel, accessories, & home goods. For any black girl cosplayer, this is one brand that caters to the quirky and cute in which anime culture prides itself. In nearly all of the brand's product photos, its models are all women of color and some even wear their hair in its natural kinky curly state.

The creator, Jacque Amadi, a young Igbo woman, brought the cutesy brand to life after quitting her social media freelance job and noticing the lack of representation when it came to designing in the quirky clothing world.

"I really liked New Girl at the time and I was like 'I don't see Black women dress like her on TV," Amadi told Bustle. "Black women can be cutesy, too."

To create the line, Jacque comes up with the T-shirt designs either out of blue or from her customers.

"With the 'I Love Bread' shirt, I really was just thinking about how much I love bread, so I just put it on a shirt," she says.

With the help of feedback from friends and customers, she designs with women of color in mind. From makeup bags that claim "Solange Is My Patronus" to simple graphic tees with a black version of Wednesday Adams that read "On Wednesdays, We Stay Black," the brand message is clear and encourages pride in Black culture.

In addition to rectifying representation in cutesy clothing, Jacque also launched a sister brand to the online site called Candy Coated Curls. The brand is relative to Adorned by Chi, allowing the whimsical apparel to have "naptural" bubblegum hair to match.

The hair bundles are made in a way that replicate the look and texture of natural hair. It can be purchased either coiled in tight curls or straightened to give off the appearance of a natural blowout from your local Dominican hair salon.

Not only does Adorned by Chi make a space for Black women in the cosplay fashion world, but it also takes into account inclusive sizing.

"I wanted everyone to be cute," Amadi tells Bustle.

Many of the clothes on its site go all the way up to a 3XL (and on occasion even up to a 5X depending on the product). To make its note on inclusivity even sweeter, the brand also makes all its tees unisex.

Having now accumulated almost 40,000 followers on Instagram since the brand's inception, Adorned by Chi has made a name for itself in the magical girl community. And being a woman of color, now even I can see myself in movie characters from Kiki's Delivery Service to Spirited Away.