‘DWTS’ Pro Alan Bersten Has A 'Bachelor' BFF Who *Isn't* Hannah B.

Allen Berezovsky/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

We already know a lot about Hannah Brown from seeing her journey to find love play out on The Bachelorette, but if you want to learn more about her Dancing with the Stars partner Alan Bersten, his Instagram is a good place to start. For those new to DWTS, Bersten was a finalist on So You Think You Can Dance Season 10. He joined DWTS in Season 25, and has so far partnered with singer Debbie Gibson, U.S. Olympic figure skater Mirai Nagasu, and Instagram influencer Alexis Ren.

He's yet to win a season, but he and Brown are off to a strong start: they managed to earn 20 out of 30 points for their cha-cha during Season 28's first week. Brown seems to have a natural aptitude for dance, but it's pretty clear that Bersten is a great partner as well. He knows how to take the lead and help his partner feel confident and secure on the dance floor.

Only time will tell how far they'll go in the competition, but in the meantime, it's worth learning more about the man our beloved Hannah B. will be spending so much time with — and posting so much about on her Instagram.

He's A Talented Musician

Bersten is a talented dancer, but as seen in the above video, he also knows his way around the piano.

He's A Proud Uncle

Bersten may not get to see his three nieces much because of his busy schedule, but judging by his caption for the above photo, he definitely loves and misses them a lot.

He's BFFs With Another Bachelor Nation Alum

His Instagram feed is filled with photos of Bachelor in Paradise alum Joe Amabile, who competed on Dancing with the Stars Season 27. Bersten even posted a funny video about how Joe's girlfriend, Kendall Long, is always the third wheel in their "bromance."

He's All About Supporting Good Causes

Bersten recently posted the above photo of him and Joe wearing hoodies being sold in support of Smile Train, an organization that helps medical professionals provide treatment to people with cleft palates.

He's A Mama's Boy

"Love you mama you are the best in the world. You have taught me so much, cared for me, been there for me through everything, I wouldn't be where I am today without you," he wrote in a heartfelt Mother's Day Instagram post. "I love that we talk to each other everyday at exactly the same time, and you don’t stop calling until we do you're the absolute best I love you so much."

He's Overcome Some Serious Health Issues

As reported by People, doctors found a tumor in Bersten's neck in 2018 that was causing him to experience hyperparathyroidism. In order to treat the potentially fatal condition, he had to have surgery.

"Exactly one year ago today I had a surgery that completely changed my perspective on life," he later wrote on Instagram of the experience. "This past year has been the most magical and special year and I am so lucky."

Clearly, there's more to Bersten than we get to see on DWTS. Hopefully some of the other elements of his personality will get to shine this season.