Aldi Is Selling Jaffa Cake-Scented Candles For Less Than £5, So See You At The Till


What really makes a home? Is it the glorious soft furnishings you've accrued after years of rummaging in charity shops and sales? Is it the furniture you've inherited or saved for years to purchase? Is it the family of humans and pets that sleep under the same roof as you? Nah scrap all that, I reckon it's the boujie candles that make your house smell like actual heaven. And might actually help you erase the wayward whiffs made by the above humans and animals. So news that Aldi are selling cake scented candles is like all of your birthdays came at once.

Put a fork in that cake y'all, it's done. I know what you're thinking. Finally a candle to make it seem like I'm actually into baking. A candle to fill the house with that yummy cakey scent without having to actually get your darn hands dirty. YAS.

The candles are available in not one, but four different delicious scents, all based on iconic cake recipes. Smells so tasty that they're almost good enough to eat. Disclaimer: please don't eat these candles. They will not taste like cake.

So the gorgeous candles are available in Jaffa Cake (full moon, half moon, total eclipse), strawberry pavlova (from every '90s family event), coconut cake (your nan's fave), and marshmallow fluff cake (of Goldie Hawn eating it in Death Becomes Her fame).

As one might expect, the candles in question are not going to cost you an arm and a leg. TBH they won't even cost you an arm if I'm honest. Yes, Aldi are maintaining their good value attitude with these cute AF candles which cost a mere £2.79 each.

This is a slightly controversial inclusion in the cake range as according to some people jaffa cakes are actually a biscuit, not a cake. In fact it was the subject of a whole court case back in 1991. However, it was ruled a cake so Aldi are operating within the eyes of the law on this one. According to their website, the Jaffa Cake flavoured candle ought to live up to a whole load of hype. It reads: "Fill your home with the delectable scent of yummy Jaffa Cakes with the addition of this amazing candle. Perfect for those who have a sweet tooth, this candle will ensure your house smells welcoming and especially pleasant for guests."

According to the Aldi website, this candle is sure to get you hankering after some pudding in no time. It reads: "Perfect for filling your whole house with the yummy smell of your favourite dessert, this candle is sure to get your tummy rumbling for something sweet."

Described as being "perfect for filling your whole house with the yummy smell of your favourite sweet treat", this candle is sure to bring all the boys to the yard.

Your home will be smelling like a lovely bunch of coconuts in no time at all with this delicious candle.

All of the above are currently sold out online but should still be available in your local Aldi. And hey, while you're there why not pick up a few actual cakes and lean in to those sweet cravings. YOLO babe and you deserve it.