You Can Buy Rosé Sangria In A BOX For $10 At Aldi This Summer

If you live somewhere that is finally getting warm, then you just might be experiencing some of the cravings that come along with it: cookout food, ice cream truck offerings, a lot of ice-cold wine preferably enjoyed outdoors. And if that last one really stands out to you, Aldi has you covered. As part of the store's Aldi Finds for June, Aldi is selling boxed rosé sangria. It's cheap. It's colorful. It provides enough wine for whatever summer soirée or Bachelorette viewing party you have on your schedule.

The Casa Sangrioso Sangria Rosé Box Wine is, obviously, boxed rosé wine and it has "natural flavor" that, presumably, makes it taste more sangria-like. It will be available on June 26 for a limited time, and will cost $9.99 for three liters — the same amount as four bottles of wine. That said, the ABV is 7%, which is significantly less than most wines, which tend to be between 12.5% and 14.5%.

The Casa Sangrioso box suggests serving the sangria cold or over ice and garnishing it with fresh fruit. And while you can certainly buy and cut up your own fresh fruit and choose the fruits you specifically want, Aldi wants to help with that part, too. Another one of the Aldi Finds for June is Seasons Choice Red or White Sangria Blend, which are one-pound bags of frozen fruit meant to pair with either red or white wine sangria. According to Delish, the White Sangria Blend includes oranges, green apples, pineapples, and strawberries, and the Red Sangria Blend includes oranges, black berries, dark sweet cherries, and tart cherries.

If you do get the rosé sangria box of wine, either variety of fruit would probably be fine — you just pick the one you like more. The Sangria Blends will be available for a limited time starting on June 12 and will sell for $3.49.

This is far from the first time Aldi has sold pre-made sangria. For the May Aldi Finds, Casa Sangrioso Red Sangria was included and also cost $9.99, as reported by Elite Daily. The chain also currently has Sangriana White Sangria in a 1.5 liter bottle, which is described as follows: "Citrus fruit aromas and flavors lead to a sweet and refreshing finish. Enjoy chilled, over ice, or create your own blend by adding citrus and fresh fruits. Ideal with appetizers or any meal."

Aldi has recipes on its site, too, including one for "SanGrita", which Aldi refers to as a "refreshing Spanish punch." Sangrita is more commonly a non-alcoholic Mexican drink that is paired with tequila. Aldi's recipe is more like sangria with a lot of lime flavor and served in a glass with a salted rim. So, yeah, it's probably meant to be a combination of the words "sangria" and "margarita" rather than a traditional drink.

While Aldi is known for affordable wine and beer, not all Aldi locations sell alcohol. If you aren't sure if your local store does, be sure to use the Aldi store locator and check "wine" if you are interested in finding some sangria this summer.