These Magical Wine Glasses Stay Upright In Sand & Water — And They're Only $2 A Pop


If you've ever gone to the beach and uttered the words, "Ugh. I got sand in my drink," then Aldi has the product for you. As reported by Delish, Aldi is selling beach wine glasses that, instead of having a flat bottom, have a decorative stabby spike bottom (the technical term) that you can shove into the sand for stability. And not only that: They also float.

Now before you get all worried about having glass at the beach (or pool, or lake, or bathtub), the wine "glasses" are actually plastic. And they look like pretty sturdy reusable plastic, which makes them a better idea than taking a bunch of disposable cups on your beach trip in more ways than one. Plus, they wouldn't have to just be used for wine. Put some water in there, some juice. You could even use them for snacks. (I can see some Goldfish crackers fitting in nicely.) Anything that you don't want to see get tipped over is fair game.

The glasses are currently going for $2 a pop, come in turquoise, white, or clear, and have a 13.5 oz capacity. Which, for reference, is about half a bottle of wine, so these things are big. You can't shop Aldi online, so if you want to pick one (or more) of these up, you can find an Aldi near you here.

But, if Aldi's three color options aren't good enough for you, or you are looking for, say, a champagne beach glass or a beach glass with a lid, as PopSugar points out, a company called The Beach Glass sells a wide range of very similar glasses with their "patented ball and stem design." They've got a set of clear champagne glasses, a "beach glass bouquet" featuring six multi-colored glasses, and this one that you can get with a mermaid or octopus on it. And that's on top of all of the single glasses that they offer. The difference here is that these are a bit more expensive that the ones at Aldi. A single glass from The Beach Glass will run you $11.

Need even more options? Something called a "beach spiker" is available on Amazon and also seems to be huge on Etsy, especially when it comes to buying souvenirs for bachelorette parties or for sororities. Unsurprisingly, it's basically a cup that has indents at the bottom so that it will stay upright in the sand.

And if you're in the market for something that floats, but is also ridiculously cute, there are plenty of mini pool floats made for drinks. Yes, plenty. This is the world we live in, people. You've got your flamingo drink floaties, pineapple and watermelon drink floaties, palm tree drink floaties, parrot drink floaties, and, of course, unicorn drink floaties. Want an entire floating cooler? That's available too.

Of course, if you need something to put in your beach glass, Aldi has you covered there too — and not just in the snacks department. Depending on where you live, you can buy wine at Aldi. As Delish reports, Aldi's award-winning Côtes de Provence Rosé was back in stores as of May 9. The wine beat out more expensive bottles of rosé at the International Wine Challenge even though it's only $8. And Aldi sells plenty of other wines, too.

So, if you're a beach-lover, lake-lover, or just got one of those inflatable baby pools for your backyard, you are more than covered when it comes to wine and ways to contain it. No tipped over plastic cups will be coming for you this summer.