Aldi's Has A Giant S'mores Cookie Kit That Can Feed 16 People

by Mia Mercado

Do you like feeling challenged by your food? Do you crave a dessert that is so big it is wrong? Do you want a big ass cookie and also several s’mores, all at the same time? Well, feast your eyes on Aldi’s S’mores Jumbo Cookie Kit that serves 16 adult people. Or one adult person binge-watching the entirety of Schitt’s Creek and enjoying their solitude.

Spotted by Aldi shoppers on Instagram, the s’more jumbo cookie kit is...exactly what it sounds like. The kit includes graham cracker cookie mix, chocolate chunks, mini marshmallows, and a nonstick jumbo cookie pan so you don’t have to panic-buy a baking dish to fit your giant, s’mores cookie needs. Each kit makes one giant cookie meant to serve 16. (Whether or not it actually includes 16 separate servings is entirely up to you.)

The finished product is a glorious mess of a dessert. It’s like if a chocolate chip cookie cake and a bunch of s’mores had a baby. And then they went full Rick Moranis and pulled a “Honey, I Blew Up The S’more Cookie Kid.” The kit weighs 16 oz. which is one entire pound. The power that that has, the intelligence that that has, the clearance that that has, the impact that that has, the access that that has, the influence that that has, the profile that that has, the international implications that that has.

The cookie is too big and extremely gooey and that is exactly why I love it. Also, it’s only $4.99 at Aldi this week. When else has five dollars brought you this much joy/sugar?

In The Mix by Brand Castle is to thank/blame for this cookie-s’more creation. “It’s the classics, made with a twist!” a product description on In The Mix’s site reads. “In this mix, your favorite S’Mores flavors are transformed into an easy to share – jumbo cookie. The kit comes complete with a reusable non-stick cookie pan – perfect for any cookie bar recipe.” All you need to add is a stick of room temperature butter and three tablespoons of water. That is surprisingly little effort for such a big, big, huge, giant beefy boy of a cookie.

According to, this s’mores cookie kit is part of Aldi Finds, the name for the grocery chain’s weekly specials. It will only be available in stores the week of August 21 until August 27. So, if you’re hoping to snag your big, big s’more soon, you’ll want to head to your local Aldi ASAP. The s’mores cookie kit is also listed on Amazon. However, it doesn’t appear to currently be in stock.

In the meantime, feel free to drool over In The Mix’s various dessert wares. There’s Guinness Beer Bread Mix and Guinness Chocolate Stout Cupcake Mix. (Bottles of Guinness unfortunately not included.) There’s a kit to make carrot-shaped carrot cake scones if you feel like being twee and Spring-y. If savory is more your thing, there’s also Snyder’s Hot Buffalo Wing Soft Pretzel Mix with Ranch Dip Mix. It’s all the good parts of a football watch party. (Read: the snacks and that’s all.

If terrible and wonderful grocery store products are your thing, allow me to introduce you to the Instagram account Aisle of Shame. Its posts are dedicated to at the strange, confusing, delicious, and perfect impulse buys people have found at their local Aldi. There are avocado storage pods. There are veggie eggplant fries. There is something called Unicorn Pancake Mix with Confetti Marshmallows if that speaks to your sparkly, brunch-y soul.

Of course, these all pale in comparison to our one true dessert god: the hugely massive s’mores cookie. Long live the big s'mores cookie.