Aldi's Pet Cooling Mat Is A Must-Have For Dog Owners This Summer


Aldi is known for its deals on food and drink, but the German supermarket chain also sells a number of non-food items, including stuff for pets. The store recently released its June Find list of products that are appropriate for summer, and it includes an Aldi pet cooling mat meant to help keep dogs chill in the heat.

The Heart to Tail Pet Cooling Mat will be available starting on June 26 for a limited time and will cost $9.99. While the mat is not yet listed on the Aldi site, the chain previously sold the cooling mat, as noted on the site Aldi Reviewer. In a post about products available in June 2018, the site explained that the mat is 24" wide and 30" long and that it "stays 5-10 degrees cooler than room temperature." Another archive of the product listing notes that the mat contains a gel that keeps it cool, is made with a puncture-resistant material, and can be used indoors, outdoors, or on-the-go.

It's unclear if any updates have been made to the product since last year, but it does have the exact same name and cost the same price as it did in 2018. And if it is the same, it will come in a few different colors.


Aldi will have some other summery products for pets available this June, too. For another cooling option, the store will have Heart to Tail Pet Cooling Bandanas in pink and blue. It's unclear how these ones work, but some other pet cooling bandanas are used just by putting them in water. The bandanas at Aldi will go on sale for a limited time on June 26 for $4.99.

If you have a yard, the store will also have 36" Round Pet Pools, in pink, blue, and green for $4.99 starting on June 26, just like the bandanas. There's also two different options of Pet Travel Accessories, available on June 26 for $6.99. Pet owners can get a collapsable travel food and water bowl combination, or a water bottle that comes with a collapsable single bowl.

All of these products can help owners follow important suggestions for keeping their dog cool. According to WebMD, in hot weather it's important that dogs have plenty of water, have a comfortable temperature when they're inside the home, and are kept cool when they're outside, too, using things like kiddie pools or sprinklers. The site also suggests making cool treats, being sure to never leave your dog in the car, and checking that the pavement isn't too hot for a walk, among other tips. There are also signs to look out for when it comes to overheating, which can be found here.

Aside from just helping pets cool off, in June Aldi will have a Pet Travel Bed ($14.99; available June 5), a Pet Auto Waterer or Auto Feeder ($8.99; June 26), and Small Round or Rectangle Pet Beds ($9.99; June 26).

Clearly, there's a lot to choose from. And while there are a lot of home remedies pet parents can use, if you are already interested in something like a cooling mat or small pool, June might be the time to get one if you have an Aldi near you.