Here's The $1,000 Cooler Handbag No One Asked For

Alexander Wang

Alexander Wang understands the limits we feel when it comes to taking our popsicles on the go, which is why he made a $1,000 designer cooler handbag to finally fill that hole in our wardrobes. How many times did you want something chic to bring poolside when you and your friends went for a weekend splash, but had to settle for your dad's work cooler? You had your flamingo floaties and stylish one-piece bathing suits on, but then had to store your Sponge Bob pops in a regular ol' cooler? Not on Alexander Wang's watch. This summer you are going to be stylish through and through, straight down to your picnic accessories.

This purse brainchild is the result of a partnership between Magnum Ice Cream and Alexander Wang, in honor of Magnum's 2018 campaign that dares consumers to “Take Pleasure Seriously.” This creative accessory is meant to bring this theme to life, giving fashion lovers a luxe way to enjoy their ice cream on the go.

For this collaboration, Wang took the igloo mini playmate cooler you often see on road trips or at the beach, and transformed it into a luxury purse. The inside features a gold plated stainless steel liner to insulate the snacks, and it can be removed to either clean or to transform the bag into an actual purse. The outside is made out of 100 percent black leather and the handle is gold plated, which is on-brand for Wang.

To promote the new collaboration, Wang used supermodel Bella Hadid in the campaign, where the iconic model sat next to the cooler in a black and white dress, holding a Magnum ice cream bar. It all looked very upscale and high-luxury.

If you think that this partnership is random, it's actually pretty on-course for the ice cream company. For years now they have collaborated with a variety of different designers to bring their ice cream bars into the public eye. As a luxury ice cream company, it makes sense for them to pair up with luxury designers.

For example, just last year Magnum partnered with Moschino's Jeremy Scott and Cara Delevingne to create a limited-edition line of daring handbags that were meant to be the "ultimate accessory for Pleasure Seekers everywhere." In the shape of totes, they came in bright candy colors and featured cartoon animals eating ice cream bars.

In 2015 the dessert brand went a different way and partnered with BCBGMAXAZRIA to create a Belgian-chocolate-inspired wrap that actually smelled like the ice cream bar. Then in 2013, they collaborated with Zac Posen to create a 24 karat gold dress, which was meant to promote the US launch of Magnum Gold, a golden, chocolate-covered ice cream bar. The gown was covered in 10,000 sequins that were handmade from sheets of gold, and was valued at a whopping $1.5 million.

Then, just the year before that, Magnum collaborated with designer Alice + Olivia to help debut their Magnum Minis — a smaller version of the ice cream bar — where the designers created a playful mini skirt in honor of the launch. So as you can see, collaborating with top designers isn't anything new for the brand.

But what's the deal with the leather cooler? If you think it's over the top and extra, that was the whole point. Jonathan Jones, Magnum's brand manager in the U.S, told Los Angeles Times that the prompt was "How do you take pleasure seriously?" and Wang came up with the cooler. It's supposed to take something ordinary, and give it an indulgent spin.

"Magnum is an indulgence that is accessible to you," Jones explained, talking about the Belgian-chocolate-covered bar that's less than five dollars at the grocery store. "There are times when after a long day, you deserve a little bit of indulgence. This is just exhibiting how a fashion designer can embrace that mentality."

If you have a grand lying around, then this can be your most stylish summer yet. If not, then treat yourself to a Belgian ice cream bar and feel just as indulgent.