Alexis Bledel Hints At More 'Gilmore Girls'

by Caitlyn Callegari
Saeed Adyani/Netflix

The first thing I said to myself as I wept while the closing credits of Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life rolled was, "Oh, that's definitely not the end." With that cliffhanger, things felt anything but resolved. Ever since that finale, I have been looking for news about the series' continuation, and I've just gotten one of the biggest hints yet. As Entertainment Weekly relays, Alexis Bledel says there could be more Gilmore Girls, but with a few stipulations.

The actor explained to the publication that,

It came together so naturally, in a way. We had the fan reunion in Austin [at ATX], we picked up momentum from there, and it came together so quickly. It really seemed like the right thing. I think most, all of us are just wanting to tell a good story. I think that came together in A Year in the Life. The only thing I can say about a future installment of the show would be that it would be about the story and certainly the timing. We want to tell a great story.

Before you get all upset with Rory's alter ego, her caveat actually makes a lot of sense. It's evident that Bledel cares a lot about preserving the quality of the show and only wants to go forward if it's worth it, which is something any diehard Gilmore fan can appreciate. And, if anything, it might mean we're getting another season sooner rather than later. After all, EW's question to Bledel was if she, "would like to see another reboot pick up a decade later and see where Rory is now as a mother."

While re-visiting the Star's Hollow universe 10 years from now would be very neat and gratifying and full circle in terms of story, it's not exactly realistic. Bledel's comment on timing, after explaining how they built up a good momentum, feels pointed. Interests can be fickle. To not capitalize on Gilmore Girls while everyone is still full immersed in Lorelai and Rory's lives would be almost criminal. And, there's no telling that in another decade they'd be able to cause such a stir with the show again.

So, no, Bledel didn't exactly confirm there'd be another season of Gilmore Girls, but she did, in a roundabout way, ensure us that if it's coming, we probably won't have to wait too long.